Keeping PD in the Rearview Mirror: John Adams

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John Adams’s diagnosis rocked his world. It was 2007, he was at the height of his career and entrenched in fatherhood with his three amazing children. “Parkinson’s gave me a sense of urgency to get my life in order like never before,” John said.

He made a commitment to train his body, allowing him to physically stay ahead of PD. He calls it keeping PD in the rearview mirror. But as months and years went by, John’s biggest challenge became maintaining his identity. He didn’t want Parkinson’s to define his life and goals.

His favorite doctor at Duke University Medical Center, an NPF Center of Excellence, told him that the two most important aspects that allow a person living with Parkinson’s to remain highly functioning are spiritual and emotional support.

Moving Day® was John’s answer to both. Since 2014, he’s attended every Moving Day NC Triangle with a full team in tow. Moving Day gives John hope, support and a way to connect with his local PD community.

Tony Brammer, long-time friend, is constantly inspired by John. “He doesn’t let PD define who he is,” Tony said. Tony’s annual NPF donation led him to discover Moving Day. “It was new, accessible and local, so Team Adams Movers & Shakers was formed,” Tony said.

Moving Day made Tony and John feel like they were doing more. “The more I became involved, the more I was surprised to find that so many are affected by PD,” Tony said. Tony and John work together every day. “John is a warrior, as are so many that I’ve met through Moving Day,” Tony said. Supportive family, friends and coworkers will all be coming out for Moving Day NC Triangle 2017 in support of John. It’s this kind of emotional support that John knows will keep his Parkinson’s in the rearview mirror. 

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