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Dr. Howe Liu, PT, PhD, MD began his journey with the Parkinson’s Foundation in 2016 when he attended our Physical Therapy Faculty Program. As a professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth, Dr. Liu teaches those who will someday work closely with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Howard-Liu“My credentials in medicine (bachelor), Physical Therapy (master), neuroscience (master) and gross anatomy (PhD) have allowed me to integrate Parkinson’s into my Physical Therapy courses over the last 15 years. In neuroanatomy, we discuss Parkinson’s when the basal ganglia lecture is presented. In more case-based evidence-based courses, we use a PD case study to perform literature review, analysis, discussion and presentation. I am a certified LVST therapist, a certified exercise expert for aging adults and received a certificate in interactive metronome course. Such course integrations help PT students in their future clinical practice.”

Upon completion of the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Program, each attendee is tasked with an independent project. Dr. Liu chose to translate the Foundation’s fact sheets to Mandarin-Chinese to advance accessibility in Parkinson’s resources.

“I found that contents in the Parkinson’s Foundation library were all in English. However, some of my Chinese patients living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area couldn’t understand the English materials. I decided to translate the library contents into Chinese,” said Dr. Liu.

“At that time, there were five scholars and medical doctors visiting our department from China. We formed a team and completed the translations which were revised by two additional scholars.”

It is because of the work and dedication by people like Dr. Liu and his team that the Parkinson’s Foundation can create more equitable and accessible resources.

Thank you to Dr. Liu and his team: Dr. Gong, Weijun (Jordan), Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital; Dr. Qiao, Hongfei (Cindy), the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University; Dr. Zhao, Mingming (Abigale), Jiangbin Hospital of Guangxi; Dr. Li, Yingzhi (Nick), Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese University; Dr. Lu, Yujin (Crystal), Shanghai General Hospital; Dr. Li, Ying, Gannan Medical University; and Mr. Zhang, Peng, Tianjin General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University.

The fact sheets that are now available in Mandarin-Chinese are:


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