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I have been in awe of my mom for a long time now. Since 2001 to be exact; the year she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She took the news in stride while the rest of the family scattered off to research the “P word."

The first five years were not too symptomatic for her. As time passed, she went from a walking stick and then later a walker. My mom is incredibly stubborn, which is a good trait when it comes to this disease. She pushed herself this whole time, determined to do as much as she could. She did yoga, daily walks, anything to keep her moving.

As the disease progressed, she could no longer manage stairs. My dad, her amazing forever caregiver, had a beautiful addition to the house built for her. That stubbornness prevailed and Mom fought Parkinson’s with a steel mindset. If there was a chance she could still do something, she tried 110%.

Three years ago, my parents moved to assisted living. Well, Mom did and Dad moved to independent living. She is in a wheelchair full time now. Yes, there are days she questions “why me?” and is angry, scared and sad. Yet, she keeps fighting and is determined to do all that she is capable of. She still doesn’t want help if she can do it herself.

My mom has had Parkinson’s for more than 20 years now and she has not given up. I thank God she was born stubborn.

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