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I worked at Baptist Health in Little Rock, AR, for 15 years. One day while at my desk my left foot started to shake. It was annoying. Then a few weeks later the right foot started to shake. Things like putting on makeup and typing seemed impossible. When signing papers I noticed that my handwriting had changed. It had gotten so small, I couldn't even read it. 

I had no fear of doctors, having had four back surgeries and a total of eight screws in my back and spinal stenosis.

I went to five neurologists over a five-year period! I was eventually told to visit a body movement doctor. On our first appointment he was 99 percent sure I had Parkinson’s disease (PD). I knew nothing about PD.

He put me on carbidopa-levodopa 25-100, three times a day. It took me six months to not get nauseous!  However, my symptoms were mild. I was in stage 1. Since I looked healthy, no one believed I had PD. But when I started researching this disease, I got sick to my stomach. How could I have this, wasn't dealing with the chronic back ache enough?

Seven years ago, my feet started to shake. Three years ago, I was diagnosed. About three months ago my balance disappeared!

Now I’m falling an average of twice a day. I will be bringing this new symptom up to my doctor. Additionally, I have thin skin and a little tap rolls the skin back, bleeding and bruised. It takes months to heal, I don't wear short sleeves, even if it is 100 outside. I am afraid of hitting my head, but my husband constantly reminds me to be careful. It just happens so fast you can't help it!

I have always been a fast person: walking, running, eating, cooking, etc. I now need to learn to slow down.

Did I mention I am 68 years old and retired when I was 62? I am so lucky my husband of 47 years takes care of me and will continue to do so. And so will the good Lord! Sending blessings and prayers to all of you with PD.

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