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Parkinson’s will not stop me. I have too much to live for.

I never thought it could be me... I am 33 years old and the picture of health; I have two daughters, ages two and six; I am the wife of the most selfless man, a law enforcement sergeant; I am a middle school Spanish teacher.

It couldn’t be possible... Hearing the words, “Christina, you have young-onset Parkinson’s disease,” was like something out of a nightmare; I had to be dreaming. I looked at my husband and watched him choke back tears. I knew that this was reality.

I had suffered in silence with symptoms for nearly a decade. At first, it was just a tremor Involuntary shaking of the hands, arms, legs, jaw or tongue. The typical Parkinson’s tremor is “pill-rolling” – it looks like holding a pill between thumb and forefinger and continuously rolling it around. Some people report an internal tremor, a shaking sensation inside the chest, abdomen or limbs that cannot be seen. Most Parkinson’s tremor is “resting tremor,” which lessens during sleep and when the body part is actively in use. in my right foot. Soon after, it turned into difficulty walking. My arm stopped swinging when I walked and there were times that I couldn’t smell if my daughter had a dirty diaper. It was anxiety A feeling of nervousness, worried thoughts and physical distress., they said. But I felt my body failing me.

Eventually my husband insisted that I make an appointment with a movement disorder specialist A neurologist with extra training (usually a one- or two-year fellowship) in Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.. By the grace of God, they were able to see me immediately. I received my diagnosis and immediately started treatment. Within three days of medication, I had noticed great improvements.

Some days are difficult, but that’s life. Nobody said it was easy. I wake up every day thankful for the things I once took for granted. Although I am not sure what my future will hold, I know that with my husband and daughters by my side, I can conquer anything. 

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