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Parkinson’s will not stop me. I have too much to live for.

I never thought it could be me... I am 33 years old and the picture of health; I have two daughters, ages two and six; I am the wife of the most selfless man, a law enforcement sergeant; I am a middle school Spanish teacher.

It couldn’t be possible... Hearing the words, “Christina, you have young-onset Parkinson’s disease,” was like something out of a nightmare; I had to be dreaming. I looked at my husband and watched him choke back tears. I knew that this was reality.

I had suffered in silence with symptoms for nearly a decade. At first, it was just a tremor in my right foot. Soon after, it turned into difficulty walking. My arm stopped swinging when I walked and there were times that I couldn’t smell if my daughter had a dirty diaper. It was anxiety, they said. But I felt my body failing me.

Eventually my husband insisted that I make an appointment with a movement disorder specialist. By the grace of God, they were able to see me immediately. I received my diagnosis and immediately started treatment. Within three days of medication, I had noticed great improvements.

Some days are difficult, but that’s life. Nobody said it was easy. I wake up every day thankful for the things I once took for granted. Although I am not sure what my future will hold, I know that with my husband and daughters by my side, I can conquer anything. 

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