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I remember the first time I saw Hilde Park that weekend in May ― it was cloudy and cold, so we were in jackets with long sleeves underneath and we tried to wear our team shirts over our jackets. An interesting look, but what can I say ― it was cold! We we’re able to choose between the short walk around the amphitheater, a 1.6-mile or 3-mile walk around the park. I was so excited to be at Moving Day Twin Cities that once we got walking, the cold didn’t seem to matter anymore.

For the first couple of walks, I made it on the longer path. Unfortunately, my trail of choice has now gone to the 1.6-mile walk. This is not a bad thing, but I can tell my ability to walk long distances has lessened.  Over the years, we have been lucky in that the days have been warmer, and we have been able to walk without jackets ― it is amazing how much prettier the park looks with the sunshine and the green grass! I put my order in again for sunshine and warm temps at Moving Day this year!

When I saw the park and all of the venders and other tables set up with everything from educational materials to volunteers to assist in walking to tattoos for the kids ― by “kids” I mean of all ages, I wanted to be a part of all of it. I get very excited for Moving Day and am in awe of those on the committee and all of the work that they do to make the event a success ― my congrats to all of you and I commend you for a job well done year after year.

The crowd is always impressive. It is unbelievably awesome that there are so many people who come to participate in Moving Day and contribute to the cause. When the walks have started and we are all in the big group before branching off to the paths we chose, I have looked at the crowd in front of us and also those who are behind us and it reminds me of how it looks at the State Fair ― nothing but people! It is a great view.



Not only are there supportive individuals there, there are also very supportive K-9’s! I am a dog lover and have a special attraction to dachshunds and I look forward to seeing the two doxies that come in a red wagon.

I cannot say enough about the day, the excitement in the air, visiting with the vendors, team pictures, the warm-up lead by the team on stage, the walk itself and then the announcements just before leaving for home, letting us know how much money was raised.

With the excitement in the air, I feel like I have to be a part of it! I had some issues that got in the way of being really active on the committee this year, but I already look forward to contributing more next year.

When Moving Day is coming to a close and we are heading for the car to go home, I sometimes look back at the park and it looks a little different. Most of the vendors tents are now gone. People are going home. With a smile on my face I look up and say a little silent “thank you” – thanks to the committee and all of their efforts, thanks for the generosity of all of our contributors and supporters and many thanks for a wonderful day!

Join your Moving Day community and sign up for a walk near you today!


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