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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in February of 2016 and I found something I really enjoy doing, which is fundraising for the annual walk, Moving Day Milwaukee. Since 2017, I remain the captain for team “R we there yet?!” and enjoy every aspect of this event, including serving on the event’s planning committee in 2021.

AnnI love talking to people, educating them about Parkinson’s, recruiting them to be on my Moving Day team and asking for donations. Every dollar donated counts so the Parkinson’s Foundation can continue to make life better for people living with PD by improving care and advancing research towards a cure.

I have met a lot of inspirational people with Parkinson’s and caregivers through various PD exercise classes, support groups, physical therapy and various seminars. Many of these seminars, now on Zoom, are free. I recently got involved as an Aware in Care Ambassador, for the Aware in Care hospital kit and am looking forward to educating more people on the importance of taking medications on a regimented schedule. 

Sign up for a virtual program, get involved, keep moving, and continue to be an ambassador for Parkinson’s! 

Register for your city’s Moving Day event now and find new ways to get involved with the PD community at Involved.


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