Advocate for Research

Advocate for Research

People living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their caregivers have the potential to speed a cure and find medications to reverse its course.

The Parkinson's Foundation Parkinson's Foundation Research Advocates (formerly PAIR) program ensures more efficient and effective research. We pair people with PD and caregivers as primary research partners with scientists, industry and government.

Research Advocates change research by:

  • Prioritizing research
  • Improving studies
  • Influencing stakeholders

Learning Institute

Through our Parkinson’s Foundation Learning Institute, an intensive three-day, in-person training, we prepare people impacted by PD and their care partners to work side by side with the research community by giving them the knowledge and skills needed to pair with scientists and health professionals. The Foundation also collaborates with research institutions to form partnerships between Research Advocates and investigators at the front lines of research.

We recommend this training to individuals who can commit at least three hours a month to research advocacy work. Leading Parkinson’s experts teach Research Advocates the science of PD research and explore the process of developing new treatments. Parkinson’s Foundation staff, international thought leaders in patient engagement in research, teach Research Advocates the skills need to collaborate with research teams.

Attending the Learning Institute

"I found my involvement within the Parkinson's community took off exponentially as a result of the Learning Institute. It opened numerous doors and introduced me to people with Parkinson’s disease (PD), care partners and scientists that I now consider lifelong friends. I cope with this disease by keeping myself involved, by trying to make a difference and find a cure faster. The Learning Institute gave me the edge to be involved on a national level - it's clear that the research community recognizes the expertise of those who are trained through the Learning Institute.  We are being heard as expert voices in the PD community! Thank you, Parkinson’s Foundation."
- Linda Morgan, RPh, MBA, Asheville, North Carolina

"My wife (who lives with Parkinson's) and I learned a lot about Parkinson's disease, its treatment, and clinical research during the Learning Institute.  It also opened the door for my appointment to the FDA's Peripheral & Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee, where I will be directly involved in the approval process for new PD drugs."
- Rich Hoffman, Pharm.D., Hernando, Florida

For those who can’t commit to in-person training, we offer an online course that includes the core components of our in-person Research Advocate trainings. Come back soon for our new and improved online training available in 2018!

For Research and Healthcare Professionals

We welcome the interests of doctors, research professionals, scientists, clinical trial coordinators and support group leaders. The Parkinson’s Foundation can help connect you with trained Research Advocates who can collaborate on study development offering insights, increasing study participation and bringing the latest research information to your Parkinson's community. The foundation can also work with you to develop your patient engagement strategy. Contact our Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or for more information.

For more information on becoming a research advocate, visit here.


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