Center of Excellence Network

Center of Excellence Network

The Parkinson's Foundation has designated 47 medical centers around the world as "Centers of Excellence," including 33 in the United States. A Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence is a medical center with a specialized team of neurologists, movement disorder specialists, physical and occupational therapists, mental health professionals and others who are up to date on the latest Parkinson's disease (PD) medications, therapies and research to provide the best care.

The Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence status is the most respected and sought-after designation in the movement disorders field, with each center required to meet rigorous clinical, research, professional education and patient care criteria.

Centers of Excellence:

  • Provide expert care to more than 193,500 people with PD
  • Set the highest standards of care worldwide for people with PD
  • Advance research to improve the lives of everyone with Parkinson's treated at centers and beyond, and for future generations
  • Provide patient education programs, community outreach programs and specialized Parkinson's training for healthcare professionals

The Parkinson's Foundation brings the Centers of Excellence together annually for a "Center Leadership Conference" to provide updates on care and research initiatives. Every center must re-certify after five years to ensure requisite standards of care.

Apply to Become a Center of Excellence

Currently, the Parkinson’s Foundation is not accepting applications for the Centers of Excellence designation. For more information, please contact Kristin Wallock at


Parkinson’s Network of Excellence 

A Network of Excellence is comprised of multiple, independent medical sites that together provide high-quality, patient-centered and multi-disciplinary care to people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) within a specific country or region.  A Network demonstrates exemplary care, innovative research, a commitment to medical professional training and educating the community of people with and affected by Parkinson’s.

Parkinson's Outcomes Project

Nearly half of the Parkinson's Foundation Centers of Excellence participate in the Parkinson's Outcomes Project — the largest clinical study of Parkinson's funded by the Foundation which tracks more than 13,000 people living with the disease over time to identify which treatments and therapies provide the best outcomes.

Get Expert Care Today

Search for a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence or call our Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO.

Help Us Expand the Network

Only 10 percent of those diagnosed with Parkinson's receive the best care from health professionals who specialize in this complex disease. The Center of Excellence network is an important part of the Parkinson's Foundation goal to ensure the other 90 percent of patients have access to expert care, so they can live better lives.

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For more insights on this topic, listen to our podcast episode “Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence: What Does it Take and What Does it Mean?”


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