“This training session has been very powerful. The tools and info can be applied to other neuro areas not just Parkinson’s….I have been emotionally stuck in my nursing career. This conference has relit my passion for the nursing profession. This is by far the BEST conference I have attended in my 29 years of nursing!!” 
-Registered Nurse

“This training has helped me learn that I can have confidence in my skills and not be afraid to find my voice. I discovered leadership skills I didn’t necessarily know I had.”
-Physical Therapist

“This was exactly what I needed to renew my passion for what I do and bring fresh ideas/excitement for ways to improve the care I provide and make sure it is person-centered.”
-Speech Language Pathologist

“This training has given me the momentum and framework to go back and make immediate changes in the clinic. This week has increased my enthusiasm to improve our interdisciplinary care and expand our programs.”
-Physical Therapist

“Team Training has confirmed my passion for Parkinson’s Disease and has defined the importance of interdisciplinary TEAMS.”
-Nurse Practitioner

“[Team Training] has given me information about other disciplines and resources available for patients and more of an understanding of this puzzle called PD. Allied teams can really make a big difference in patients’ lives when there is no cure but hope.” 
- Neurologist

“Team Training has allowed me to re-connect with national leaders of care for PD, re-kindle personal goals for improving our local care of the PD community and has brought attention to palliative and behavioral health care issues earlier in the course of the disease.” 
- Neurologist

“In the past, my lack of understanding, regarding other disciplines’ journeys and roles, limited my communication with other disciplines to the point of fear, intimidation and avoidance. Now, my understanding and comfort have improved greatly and I feel much more confident in initiating conversations which will greatly benefit our clients.”
-Occupational Therapist

“I was surprised by the unity that you would feel in the room among people who initially were completely strangers and then become united by this idea that they want to provide amazing care for people with Parkinson’s disease and their care partners.” – Nina Browner, MD, University of North Carolina, Parkinson’s Foundation Center of Excellence


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