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PF will be accepting applications in April 2019 to host Parkinson’s Foundation Team Training (Formerly ATTP) courses in 2022. The Parkinson’s Foundation is seeking partners who are eager to host an Allied Team Training Program in their communities. Past Team Training host sites have included Centers of Excellence, Chapters and included a national long-term care agency. When choosing a Host Site, the Parkinson’s Foundation looks for committed partners who are working with healthcare professionals who want to improve the way care is delivered to families affected by Parkinson's disease.

Our signature program, Allied Team Training for Parkinson’s (Team Training), since being launched in 2002, has trained more than 2,000 healthcare professionals from the U.S., Canada and beyond. Participants are medical professionals and teams from diverse disciplines who want to learn the best techniques in Parkinson's disease care through a dynamic team-based approach. During the training, participants learn to deliver interprofessional, patient-centered care at the right time throughout the continuum of care. This interactive course features a combination of online courses and an intensive 3-day curriculum that includes:

  • CME/CEU accreditation for U.S. physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, rehabilitation specialists, and other allied health professionals
  • Online educational prerequisites
  • Interactive case presentations & care planning with live patients
  • Discipline specific breakout sessions
  • Interdisciplinary team development sessions
  • Patient and caregiver panels
  • Individual and team planning for linking back to the workplace
  • Opportunity to network with regional and national health professionals

Would your center or clinic like to host a Team Training course?

To learn more about requirements for hosting a Team Training, see details below.

Host Site Responsibilities

Once the course dates and venue have been established, roles for the host site are:

  1. Promote Team Training, in tandem with Parkinson’s Foundation, to local and regional clinicians and help recruit attendees;
  2. Identify and select active people with Parkinson’s and care givers to be part of the course as “teachers” for the clinicians; (8 patients / 4 caregivers);
  3. Identify and select participants to be part of two real case evaluations (2 patients and 2 care partners).
  4. Guarantee the medical director and host site coordinator attend a Team Training within one year of hosting the Team Training training.
    (The Foundation will provide 2 free registrations and a travel stipend up to $500 each)
  5. Recruit team to ensure team planning will be in place at the time of hosting Team Training
    (2 additional free local registrations will be provided at the time of the host site training)
  6. Designate team member(s) who will work in tandem with the Foundation to ensure efficient team planning at least 4 months prior to the time of hosting Team Training

Regional Recruitment

Beginning about 6-7 months ahead of time, the Parkinson’s Foundation course organizers will schedule monthly calls with the Medical Director and Coordinator to outline the plan for local and national recruitment, assigning tasks and discussing best methods for outreach. At this time, the host site team identifies and contacts key personnel at local universities, hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities (assisted living/skilled nursing/long term care/home care) as well as local PD organizations and PD focused private and public programs to promote attendance by regional teams and individual practitioners.

GOAL: Recruitment goals for the host site region are 50 attendees from the variety of Team Training included professions.

The Parkinson’s Foundation (PF) will support national recruitment by marketing to our national data base to draw those from outside of the local area to fill the program to the maximum of 120 attendees. We will use multiple outreach methods, including but not limited to: social media, targeted messaging via email, working with past participants asking them to reach out to other colleagues, blog posts, and asking people with Parkinson’s to help reach their health care professionals.

Selection of patient/caregiver panel members

Beginning two months prior to the course, leadership at the host site selects and invites patients/caregivers to participate in each of the patient/caregiver panels (sessions are one hour for each). There are usually 4 participants in each of 3 panel sessions (12 people total).

Panel 1 – Early diagnosed and at least one young onset patient(s)

Panel 2 – Mid-stage patients

Panel 3 – Caregivers of mid-advanced patients

It is important and valuable to the learning experience to have diversity on the panel including male/female, types of symptoms (motor and non-motor) and the neurologist with whom the patient(s) are associated.

Names, emails and phone contact information are to be provided to course directors and each panel facilitator. The panel facilitator for each panel will contact and speak with each of the participants to discuss the process, provide more comprehensive information and answer all remaining questions.  Host site is to provide written directions and parking information to the panel facilitator to share with the panelists.

Panel members will be asked to arrive at least 15 minutes early.  At that time panel facilitator will meet with them and they will have an opportunity to meet one another.  Since we don’t compensate monetarily other than to pay for parking, it’s preferred that they can arrive to the campus easily and without additional cost.

All panel members will be seated at the head table at the same time. Each is invited to speak or respond to interview questions for up to 5 minutes about their diagnosis, the impact on their lives, their priorities, and their experience with their health care. After all panel participants have spoken the floor will be open for questions and interactive discussion with the audience.

Live Patient Evaluation Sessions

Two additional patients and carepartners, one early stage and one mid-advanced stage, are chosen and invited by the host site to participate in a live interdisciplinary evaluation. Host site leaders are invited to present their patients for these sessions and are asked to provide a short-written case summary for faculty review prior to the course. Host site is to ensure the patients are informed of the location of the meeting.

Benefit for Hosting Facility

Two complimentary registrations are provided for members of the host facility staff. Ideally, these would be the persons who are working with us on recruitment and selection of panel participants.  

This is the equivalent value of $800 - $1,000 depending on the number of attendees from your team as a whole.  

Host site leader may be asked to be part of the welcome on the first day, pending her/ his schedule and interest in being involved.

All media outreach will recognize Host site as part of the Team Training.

By hosting Team Training, the site will benefit from enhanced skills to build an interprofessional team and an expansion of its regional care (or referral) network.

Overall Team Training Timeline

12-18 Months

The medical director and coordinator are required to attend a Team Training course together within 12 months prior of the Team Training training held at their own site. Confirm with the Foundation which training will be attended. This is required for 1) to see the program in action (if you’ve never attended) and; 2) an opportunity to discuss and create ideas which would bring success to your hosted Team Training program and; 3) learn how to expand your patient network in your region.

12-14 Months
Selection of sites for conference center, hotel, faculty dinner (PF lead, support from Host site)

7 Months
Begin monthly calls with key leaders for Team Training (PF)

7 Months
Complete design elements and marketing timeline (PF/ Host site)

6 Months
Begin marketing campaign (PF/ Host site)

2 Months
Invite local PwPs & care givers for panels (Host site)

1 Month
Host site provides full contact details for PwPs/ Caregivers to the panel facilitators (Host site) 
Panel facilitators hold calls with presenters (PF)

2-3 Weeks
Panel facilitator will contact each PwP/ Caregiver to discuss (Panel facilitators/ PF)

2 Weeks
Patients/ Caregivers contacted to confirm travel/ parking/ expectations (Host site)

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