Grant Opportunity

Physical therapists are critical members of PD care teams. There is great need for Parkinson’s-experienced physical therapists on the front lines of care.  The Parkinson’s Foundation recognizes the value of physical therapy faculty who are educating the next generation of PTs about Parkinson's. Therefore, we are sponsoring seed grant funding intended to support Physical Therapy Faculty Alumni.  This award is known as the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Award. The recipients have now been selected for our 2019 cycle. Click here to view our awardees.

More information on future application cycles to follow.

Grant Overview

This award supports up to a maximum of $10,000 for three (3) alumni to take her/his independent project to the next step or to explore another idea that would enhance their ability to teach about Parkinson’s or increase learning of Parkinson’s disease among PTs, students, or the Parkinson's community. Only PT faculty who have completed their Independent Project as part of the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Program may apply. When applying, please address the scope of impact that your project will have on the PD community, for instance, distinguish if immediate vs long term, or research vs community project.

Level of Support

The Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Award is for a maximum of $10,000 a year. Up to 10% of the award total, i.e., $1,000, may be used to defray indirect costs.  Salary support is permitted.


This award is open to Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty who completed their Independent Project only.

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