Find answers to often-asked Physical Therapy Faculty Program questions

Thanks for your interest in the Physical Therapy Faculty Program. Please consult our frequently asked questions below for information about how the program works. Please contact healthprofs@parkinson.org with any unanswered questions.

Applying to the Program

Q. Who is eligible to apply?
 We welcome U.S. and international physical therapy program program full or part time Faculty members who have a substantial role in teach the PD curriculum at their university and able to share their new Parkinson's knowledge with physical therapy students to apply.

Q. Do you accept international applicants?
 Yes, we accept international participants. While the program covers the cost of the training (coursework, materials), participants cover their own travel and lodging costs.

Q. How many training spots do you offer?
We limit each training to five to six participants.

Q. What is the application deadline for each training?
Each host site has a different application due date, please see listing on home page as reference. We recommend applying as soon as possible to ensure the best chance of acceptance, due to small class size.

Q. How do I apply?
To apply to our upcoming trainings in Boston, St. Louis or Portland, you must complete the application online. Our application asks for a resume, a statement of purpose (why you want to attend the program), the names of two professional references and two reference letters. You must upload these items when you apply to complete the application.

Q. How long will it take to hear back on my application?
 You can expect to hear back within two weeks of the closed application deadline.

Attending the Program

Q. How often is the program offered?
 The Parkinson's Foundation launched the program with a pilot course in August 2016 and hosted two trainings during summer 2017, 2018 & 2019. In 2020 we will be hosting three trainings during the summer.

Q. What are the goals for physical therapy educators completing the program?
Participants can expect to gain new knowledge, clarification of information and a new sense of confidence in their understanding of PD symptomatology, clinical issues, pharmacological, non-pharmacological and surgical treatments, current research and most importantly, the role of the PT in caring for the person with Parkinson's disease and his or her family. We prepare and expect participants to become the local expert or leader on Parkinson's in their institution and community. Many physical therapy faculty find that they can enhance their scholarship by way of new research ideas and collaboration on projects. Participants develop long-lasting relationships with local Parkinson's experts at the movement disorder center where they study.

Q. What does the program curriculum include?
The program model is "train the trainer." The program includes didactic and clinical hours as well as independent study and project time. Participants fulfill the didactic and clinical component by taking part in the four-day course on-site at a leading movement disorder center. Each participant chooses an independent project and site faculty and leaders of the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Program mentor as needed.

Q. Who leads the didactic program component?
Host site faculty members lead each training, all of whom are Parkinson's experts. Affiliated with large, academic Parkinson's disease and movement disorder centers, they represent multi-disciplinary teams. Each site has a host coordinator of the Parkinson’s Foundation Physical Therapy Faculty Program who will work closely with participants. The host coordinators have decades of Parkinson's knowledge and experience providing educational experiences for other physical therapists

Q.  Who covers program expenses?
 The Parkinson's Foundation covers training expenses (materials, etc.) for those selected to attend. The deposit holds a program space for you and will not be deposited unless the participant cancels less than 45 days of program start. Participants must cover any travel or lodgings costs incurred to attend.

Q. What is the independent project?
Each participant chooses an independent project. This self-directed learning adds depth to one's understanding of Parkinson's disease. Some examples of independent projects include:

  • Course content development
  • Lecture development
  • Initiating a patient-centered group (exercise or support group)
  • Research project
  • Care plan development
  • Patient advocacy
  • Review articles in peer-reviewed journals
  • Curriculum review

We encourage PT faculty to engage in a project that interests them, contributes to their professional development and advances the Parkinson's disease physical therapy research and care fields.

Q. When will I receive my $2,000 independent project stipend?
 You receive payment upon completion and acceptance of your independent project. We typically mail stipends approximately six months after coursework completion. The Parkinson's Foundation mails the check to you.

Alumni Opportunities

Q. Do physical therapy faculty connect after the training?
Yes, participants become part of an innovative network of peer PT educators who work with the Parkinson's Foundation to advance research, care and physical therapy education. Alumni will have access to the PT Faculty Alumni Resource Library to share curriculum, slides, videos and reading materials for your classroom. In addition, PT Faculty Alumni are eligible to apply for PT Faculty Alumni Grant. This award supports up to a maximum of $10,000 for three (3) alumni to take her/his independent project to the next step or to explore another idea that would enhance their ability to teach about Parkinson’s or increase learning of Parkinson’s disease among PTs, students, or the Parkinson's community. Alumni also meets periodically at national conferences and online meetings for meet and greets and share updates. Please contact healthprofs@parkinson.org for more info.


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