Nurse Fellowship FAQs

How many Fellows will be selected?

Two Fellows will be selected for each site, so four fellows in total.

Where will the one-year fellowship take place?

The Parkinson’s Nurse Fellowship will take place at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR and at the Struthers Parkinson’s Center in Minneapolis, MN.

What salary and benefits are offered?

Salary and benefits will vary depending on location with a minimum of $95,000 to each fellow commensurate with experience.

Will any travel be required?

Fellows will be expected to attend the Parkinson’s Foundation Center Leadership Conference in spring 2021. Expenses to be covered by OHSU and Struthers. Location to be determined.

What is the deal with the ‘departing’ grant offered by the Parkinson’s Foundation to each Nurse Fellow?

Upon completion of training, the Foundation will give a $50,000 research grant to each the fellow to be used for executing the designed research project at the new place of employment. Part of these monies may be for salary. This support is meant to help the fellow get a job placement and to help drive nurses into the Parkinson’s research space.

Should the new place of employment not agree to a research agenda, then the grant monies will not be offered.

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