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Online Courses

Learn best-care Parkinson's disease (PD) knowledge while earning continuing education unit (CEU) credits through various Parkinson's Foundation expert online training courses.

Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Update: Due to a policy change, all registered social workers must view the following webinar/course LIVE in order to earn continuing education unit credits (CEU). If viewing as archive, you will not be eligible for CEUs.

New! Speech and Language Pathology Course

Designed by expert speech and language pathologists in the PD field, this course helps other speech and language pathologists improve care for people with Parkinson's. The course was designed by the Parkinson’s Foundation in collaboration with the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

In viewing this multi-module course, participants will learn how to best examine the complexities that Parkinson’s has on speech, swallowing and cognition.

Register and view Let’s Talk About Parkinson’s: How Can Speech and Language Pathologists Deliver the Best Care?

Occupational Therapy Course

Designed by PD occupational therapy experts, this multi-module online course teaches best care practices.

Occupational therapists will gain practical, evidence-based knowledge across the continuum of Parkinson’s care (from diagnosis to advanced PD) to help practitioners evaluate and treat individuals in all settings — including in-home care, community rehabilitation and long-term care practice settings.

Register and view Occupational Therapy: Across the Parkinson's Disease Continuum.

For CEU information, learn more here.

Physical Therapy Course 

Designed by expert physical therapists in the PD field, this course sets out to help fellow physical therapists better understand how to evaluate, treat and deliver comprehensive Parkinson's care. 

This multi-module course provides practical, evidence-based knowledge on effectively assessing and treating individuals with Parkinson's.

Register and view Parkinson’s Disease: A Practical Approach to Evaluation and Treatment for the Physical Therapist.

For CEU information, learn more here.

Nursing Course

Designed by nurses for nurses, this multi-module online course provides the latest in current treatment and care strategies.

By taking this course, participants will better understand how to deliver comprehensive care to people living with PD and their families. The course focuses on long-term care, acute care, recent nursing graduates or other nurses who want to improve the care they give to people living with PD.   

Register and view Parkinson’s Disease Across the Lifespan: A Roadmap for Nurses

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