ATTP Benefits

The benefits extended to certified ATTP Alumni include:

  • Inclusion in the Parkinson’s Foundation referral system.
    • Includes referrals from our Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence*, as well as our national Helpline, for those seeking healthcare professionals in their local area.
  • Access to Parkinson’s Foundation community grants.
  • Eligibility for 1-year complimentary MDS Associate’s Membership. 
  • Eligibility to attend ATTP specialty topic programs designed for care teams such as ATTP Cognition in July 2020, offered exclusively to ATTP Alumni.
  • Recognition by all Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence around the world as ATTP Alumni.
    • Approval to add ATTP Certification to resume/CV.
  • Access to ordering Parkinson’s Foundation resources online.
  • Access to the bi-annual ATTP Alumni newsletter.
  • *Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence
    • Contact the Coordinator of your nearby Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence to be added to their regional referral list as an ATTP Alumni. (There may be more than one nearby, depending on your location.)

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