Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

Parkinson’s Foundation Centers of Excellence are designated best-in-class centers that provide expert Parkinson's disease (PD) care. Our mentoring program helps current and prospective center coordinators throughout the Centers of Excellence network acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

Center coordinators are pivotal Parkinson’s care team members. They are liaisons between the Parkinson’s Foundation, the Center of Excellence team andpeople living with PD. The relationships they forge are key to high-quality Parkinson’s care.
The foundation’s Committee Task Force, a multidisciplinary group with vast PD-care experience, developed the mentoring program. Working to foster a rich learning experience, the Task Force carefully matches mentors with program coordinators based on population-served characteristics, clinical setting and interests.

Mentoring aims to help coordinators connect with the larger Parkinson’s care community, discover available Parkinson’s Foundation resources available to people with PD, caregivers and healthcare professionals and stay informed on the latest Parkinson’s research.

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