Top 11 Things You Helped Us Achieve for Parkinson’s in 2017

Together, we made lives better in 2017. Through your support, we provided better care, research and treatments for the 10 million people world-wide living with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

We could not have achieved these strides for the Parkinson’s community without YOU:

1. Expanded the Center of Excellence network. In 2017, we added two new Centers of Excellence to our global network: New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in New York City and Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Find a Center of Excellence in your area.

2. Hosted first of women with PD forum series. Our Women & PD Teams to Advance Learning and Knowledge (PD TALK) Regional Forum was the first of 10 forums to take place across the country that will collect insights from women with PD to develop national recommendations. The program is funded through a $250,000 award from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

3. Raised $3.9 million for Parkinson’s research and programs through the 2017 Moving Day walk season. Because of supporters like you who attended one of our 23 Moving Day events last year, we can continue to support more national and local resources, while continuously advancing vital PD research.

4. Developed two new fellowship grants to support the next generation of Parkinson’s researchers. We will launch the programs this year to support the career development of clinicians.

5. Held six professional health trainings. In 2017 we provided specialized PD training to 30 nurse faculty members. By the end of 2018, these nurses will teach an estimated 2,700 nursing students about expert PD care. Help us spread the word. Tell a nurse about our professional education opportunities.

6. Revitalized our look and feel. In 2017, we launched our new logo and website, Thank you for being one of the 730,000 supporters to visit our website since its October launch.

7. Educated more than 6,000 people through our webinars. In 2017 we hosted six Expert Briefing webinars, each covering a different Parkinson’s-related topic. Sign up for our February 27 webinar on Parkinson’s psychosis.

8. Invested $500,000 in clinical research to ease Parkinson’s symptoms. We directly funded research grants that will jumpstart practical solutions to ease Parkinson’s-related cognition, fatigue and sleep issues.

9. Our lifesaving Helpline answered nearly 15,000 calls and emails. That’s 286 calls and emails each week! Call 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) for the most current medical information, referrals and unlimited emotional support — all free.

10. Led a cutting-edge scientific symposium. “World Without Parkinson’s: A Look Into the Future” brought together the global leaders in the Parkinson’s field, where they discussed the future of care and treatment.

11. Launched our Parkinson’s-tailored podcast. Stay up to date on the latest Parkinson’s treatments and research through our Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s podcast. Subscribe now.

As momentous as 2017 was, the Parkinson’s Foundation is committed to taking progress to new heights in 2018 as a research-driven organization to make life better for people with Parkinson’s disease. Your continued support is how we are able to do it.

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