What is a Facebook Fundraiser?

With the help of Facebook, it is easier than ever before to fundraise globally for the Parkinson’s Foundation.

Facebook Fundraising is a feature on Facebook that allows users to create and share fundraisers with their friends and family while collecting donations for the organization of their choice. Donors can donate any amount and pay through their credit/debit card. Hosts can easily set up fundraisers online by selecting “Raise Money” on the fundraisers tab on the Parkinson’s Foundation Facebook page. Once you get started there is no limit to what you can do! Set your goal to $25 or $2,500, with the help of your friends and family there is no telling what you can achieve.

How do I start a Facebook Fundraiser?

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is easy to do:

  1. Visit Parkinson.org/FB
  2. Follow the prompts to set up your fundraiser. We recommend:
    • Setting a fundraising goal of $250 over a 3-week period.
    • Customize the title of your fundraiser. Add why you’re fundraising to the description section.
       TIP: Use your own photo to customize your fundraiser OR use one of the suggested photos.
  3. Click "Create" to start your fundraiser.

Moving Day Note: You can allocate your Facebook fundraising to a Moving Day event! To learn more, contact champions@parkinson.org and your local event coordinator.

Can I match donations on a Facebook Fundraiser?

Yes. When you create a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization on Facebook, you can also pledge to match donations to that fundraiser.

For example, you can pledge to match the first $100 you raise. Use the "More" button then choose "Match Donations" to set it up.

Who can create a Facebook Fundraiser?

You! Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or another special day, you can start fundraising to help us make life better for people with Parkinson’s.

For her birthday, Pam raised money with a Facebook Fundraiser as a tribute to her friend who is living with Parkinson’s. “My precious friend of 50 plus years, Linda, is fighting this disease. She has her strong faith and support of many friends and family. I want nothing else for my birthday,” Pam said. She even decided to match the donations she received, raising more than $600 in donations!

Butch has been living with Parkinson’s for 12 years and decided to set up a Facebook Fundraiser to celebrate his birthday and Parkinson’s Awareness Month. “It wasn't what I had planned for my future, but I've learned to embrace this health challenge,” Butch said. “I don't let Parkinson's define who I am, instead I'm living my life to its fullest. I am fortunate to have a family who gives me encouragement, love and support.” 

Tips to help you hit your goal!

When starting a fundraiser, it can be daunting to set a goal not knowing who will donate. Fear not. Check out our top five tips for hitting your goal.

  1. Share your story

While we have a pre-set description available for your fundraiser, your friends and family want to hear why the Parkinson’s Foundation is important to you. Keep it short and sweet and encourage your loved ones to help you reach your goal.

  1. Make it FUN-raising

Fundraising can be fun! Try different approaches, like a $5 Friday — ask people to donate a small amount on a Friday and tag them in your fundraiser to say thank you.  Have a special skill or talent? Ask people to donate in return for a hand drawn picture, poem or cookies. Any small token of appreciation will be appreciated.

  1. Add a Photo
     Have a picture of you and your honoree? Sharing a photo increases visibility, adds a face to a fundraiser and most important – gets people involved. 
  2. Ask for a Specific Amount
    Make your donations matter. When people can imagine how their gift is being used, they are more likely to give (and give more).  Here are some donation amounts that show impact:
  1. Acknowledge Milestones

Share fundraising updates. Hit $100? Share it with your Facebook friends. Thank and acknowledge the donors who contributed to get you this far. Not only does this tell them they are appreciated, but also reminds others that they can still contribute to your fundraiser. 

Fundraising for the Parkinson’s Foundation is always appreciated. Your support never goes unnoticed. Thank you to all our Parkinson’s Champions. Contact champions@parkinson.org for any fundraising questions.  

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