Top 10 Ways to #BeASelfCareGiver This Month

Woman doing yoga poseEvery November, the Parkinson’s Foundation joins with organizations across the country to honor care partners for National Family Caregivers Month. This year, we are reminding care partners about the importance of caring for themselves while caring for a loved one with Parkinson’s.

Read our 10 meaningful ways you can #BeASelfCareGiver this month:

1. Practice mindfulness.

Setting aside a few minutes each day to meditate can greatly improve your mental health. Participate in a Mindfulness Monday event to start your week with guided relaxation.

2. Take a care partner course.

Your role as a care partner is always evolving – consider taking some time to reflect on this experience. Register for our Care Partner Program courses to learn about topics like caregiver burnout and self-care strategies.

3. Join a support group. 

Care partner support groups can provide you with caregiving resources as well as meaningful connections. Find a support group in your area or join our online community via PD Conversations.

BONUS Tip: Haven’t found your perfect support group? Consider starting your own with our Support Group Leader Guide.

4. Exercise regularly.

Moving your body can help relieve stress and increase your energy. Check out our Fitness Friday videos for exercises classes you and your loved one can participate in together from home.

5. Make time to relax.

Pick an activity you enjoy doing on your own, like reading or painting, to help you unwind. If possible, aim to dedicate one hour per day to caring for yourself.

6. Eat a balanced, healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

Taking good care of your body will help you take better care of your mind. Carry a reusable water bottle around with you as a reminder to stay hydrated.

7. Talk it out.

Expressing your thoughts and feelings out loud can help you process your emotions. Download our Care To Talk cards for caregiving conversation starters.

8. Get enough rest.

Sleep helps us relax and reset for the next day. Establishing a regular bedtime routine can help you feel in control and improve your overall sleep quality.

9. Utilize respite care.

Taking a short trip away from your caregiving duties can help refresh you and offer a new perspective. Recruit family members or use respite care services to care for your loved one in your absence.

10. Ask for help.

No matter where you are on your care partner journey, know that you are not alone. Contact our Helpline to get answers to your caregiving questions.

Using these tips can help you #BeASelfCareGiver this month and beyond! Find out how you can celebrate National Family Caregivers Month with the Parkinson’s Foundation at

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