CEO Update + Caregiver Checklist

Everyone who faces Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a fighter — from the people confronting their symptoms every minute to the advocates raising PD awareness. However, there is one group of people whose fight often goes unnoticed: care partners. We are here for you.

In this issue dedicated to fighters like Tom, we highlight our Caregiver Checklist below, Top 10 Caregiver Resources  and check in with how care partners are using collaborative care to make life better.

As we get ready to approach a new year, I am excited to announce our newest campaign “Newly Diagnosed: Building a Better Life with Parkinson’s” with the goal to reach the 60,000 Americans newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s each year (page 4). Find out how we aim to close the gap between a PD diagnosis and the essential resources that can inspire and support those new to our community.

In closing, I want to share a quote from Christina Korines, a young mother of two and Parkinson’s Foundation supporter who inspired us to launch this campaign and do more for our community. “I really feel that anyone who is struggling with their recent diagnosis or life with Parkinson’s can rely on the Parkinson’s Foundation because you will find a home there,” said Christina, who is living with Young-Onset PD.

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For a list of our top caregiver tools, check out Top 10 Essential Caregiver Resources.  

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