How Moving Day Advanced a Decade of Parkinson’s Care and Research

side bar“Moving Day funds are essential to launching critical Parkinson’s Foundation research initiatives, and keeping the brightest scientists in the Parkinson’s field,” said James Beck, PhD, Parkinson’s Foundation Chief Scientific Officer. Funds raised through the combined 254 Moving Day events directly support the creation of front-line research and programs.

Most recently, Moving Day helped the Foundation to launch and expand PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinson’s. This is the first national Parkinson’s study to offer genetic testing and counseling at no cost for people with Parkinson’s. In 2020, the study introduced the most comprehensive Parkinson’s at-home genetics testing kit.

PD GENEration partners with Fulgent Genetics, a clinical laboratory that processes PD GENEration tests, which also formed a 2020 Moving Day Los Angeles team. “Collaborating with the Parkinson’s Foundation and the wider PD scientific community is such a rewarding experience for our team,” said Samuel Strom, PhD, lab director at Fulgent Genetics. “Learning about Moving Day and its impact on the PD community inspired us to form a team. From webinars and fundraising to the big day itself, Moving Day LA gave us an opportunity to shine brightly and move with the PD community as we work towards a cure together.”

Evolving from three events to 45, Moving Day brings with it an impact to its local communities. Every event provides free resources and outreach efforts. Moving Day funds have contributed to the funding of a combined 436 Parkinson’s Foundation Community Grants. These grants aid in the creation and support of local wellness classes — from dance, music and choir therapy groups to fitness classes, support groups and wellness events. In 2020, this funding helped many grantees launch their existing programs virtually, allowing for participants to stay connected from home.

As a response to COVID-19, Moving Day funds allowed the Foundation to create its newest program, PD Health @ Home, which hosts weekly virtual wellness, exercise and mental health events. In less than a year, this new program has reached 230,801 participants across the country. See all upcoming PD Health @ Home events now.

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