10 Most Popular Parkinson’s Articles of 2020

What Parkinson’s disease (PD) topics were most popular among our community in 2020? While the year was unprecedented, the Parkinson’s Foundation remained dedicated to covering the topics you found most critical on our Parkinson’s Today blog. Thanks to our supporters, we are able to provide new, year-round resources ―from our PD Library and podcast to Parkinson.org and Expert Briefing webinars ― to our community, all at no cost.

awardThese are the 10 most-read blogs of 2020:

10. Strategies and Tips for Dealing with Dystonia

Curled, clenched toes or a painful cramped foot are telltale signs of dystonia. Our People with Parkinson’s Council provided their go-to, practical ways they manage dystonia. READ NOW

9. Study Finds Visual Impairment is 60 Percent More Common in People with Parkinson’s

Visual impairment is a PD symptom that may not be getting the attention it deserves. In this Science News article, we focus on a study that explored the problematic symptoms as it relates to Parkinson’s. READ NOW

couple8. Relationships, Romance and Young Onset Parkinson's

Many people living with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) diagnosis are often navigating careers and raising a family while also managing PD symptoms. Their relationship often gets put on the back burner. This article highlights tips for couples to build intimacy. READ NOW

7. 16 Parkinson’s-Friendly Gifts

Not sure what to get your loved one with Parkinson’s for an upcoming holiday or birthday? Not sure where to start your PD-friendly shopping? Let us help you with some gift ideas. Remember, when you shop using Amazon Smile a portion of your purchase is donated to the Parkinson’s Foundation. READ NOW

6. Cover, Control, Contain: Navigating the Holidays with Parkinson’s

Michael S. Okun, MD, Parkinson’s Foundation Medical Director, answers your top COVID-19 questions and shares his tips to survive and to thrive during the 2020 holiday season. READ NOW

Cannabis5. Medical Cannabis Convening Findings: Top Takeaways and Guidance

Medical cannabis (marijuana) remains a hot topic in the PD community. However, little is known about medical cannabis and how it effects PD symptoms or potential side effects. To address this, we published a statement to help guide the PD community in making informed decisions about using cannabis for Parkinson’s. READ NOW

4. Top 10 Essential Caregiver Resources

Navigating Parkinson’s is a life-long process for caregivers, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here for you with these 10 caregiver resources. READ NOW

science-news3. New Study Examines Impulse Control, REM sleep and Dopamine

As part of our Science News blog series, we dive into a new study that sought to better understand how Parkinson’s is connected to Impulse control behaviors (ICBs), which affect between 14% and 40% of people with Parkinson’s. READ NOW

2. 7 Taboo Parkinson’s Topics and How to Address Them

For many, it is embarrassing to bring up taboo topics with your doctor ― from sexual dysfunction to incontinence. However, no topic should be considered off limits to discuss with your healthcare team. Find out what the seven taboo topics are and how they are connected to Parkinson’s. READ NOW

1. Neuro Talk: Myths and Realities of Parkinson’s Disease

Does Parkinson’s only affect movement? Can doctors predict its progression? Can stem cells cure Parkinson’s? In this Neuro Talk, our Chief Scientific Officer, James Beck, PhD, debunks seven common myths about Parkinson's disease. WATCH NOW

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