Annual Report

Message from the CEO & President

In 2023, we dedicated $24 million to Parkinson’s disease (PD) research and clinical care. Our global genetics study maintains unprecedented momentum as we reached 13,600 participants — providing genetic testing and counseling at no cost to people with Parkinson’s. We work to continue this pace in the year ahead. 

I am excited to share our 2023 Annual Report with you, so you see for yourself how we accelerate our efforts in research, care and education as we work towards a cure.  

Thank you to the clinicians who care for people with Parkinson’s every day, to the scientists who provide hope for breakthroughs, to our volunteers for their tireless efforts, and to our donors for their committed support of our mission.

John L. Lehr
President & Chief Executive Officer

How We Make an Impact

2023 by the Numbers



Although an estimated 10 million people live with Parkinson’s globally, research remains severely underfunded.

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, we are committed to closing the funding gaps in research by providing essential grants, furthering drug discovery and advancing our global genetics study.

invested in Parkinson’s research and clinical care in 2023

Meet a PD Researcher:
Aurélie de Rus Jacquet, PhD

“Opening a new laboratory as an early career scientist will be an exciting adventure. I will face many challenges, but this grant will greatly facilitate my success. Thanks to all Parkinson’s Foundation supporters for helping us move the research forward.”
Dr. de Rus Jacquet
Laval University, Quebec, Canada
Two-time Parkinson’s Foundation Research Grantee


Regularly seeing a neurologist can improve the lives of thousands of people with Parkinson’s each year.

Our recent care access study found that 50% of people with Parkinson’s see a general neurologist. This study serves as our blueprint for improving access to PD care and helps us reach people where they are most likely to receive care and the professionals who provide it.


credits given across 12 health professional disciplines through our online PD courses.



Our resources and events are designed to empower those living with this disease, care partners and healthcare professionals. 

Ensuring diversity and inclusivity in PD research is critical to accelerating breakthroughs toward a cure. In 2023, we partnered with Morehouse School of Medicine to expand genetic research in the Black community, hosted local education opportunities and launched 50 new Spanish pages on Parkinson.org.


people registered for in-person and virtual PD events — reaching 42 countries and 50 U.S. states.

Meet some of our supporters who help further our reach.

Gurley Family Helps Propel Innovative Researchers

“I hope that through our efforts, and through the support of other people investing in research, we can find a solution that has more of a permanent impact on this disease,” Bill Gurley said.
Gary and Bobby Smith Honor Parents’ Commitment to Research

“We were lucky our dad had access to great care, support and educational resources. My parents were so generous and always looking for ways to help others,” Bobby Smith said.


We directed 81% of our 2022-2023 spending on mission-related activities.


We are committed to making life better for people with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure.

Thank you for helping us accelerate hope in 2023 and make a larger impact beyond.

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