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Fall/Winter 2022

Care Partner Issue

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Every day, care partners help their loved ones live better with Parkinson’s disease (PD). But where do care partners go for resources and support? Our latest Parkinson Report newsletter is dedicated to care partners. Read our new articles full of practical tips and the latest in Parkinson’s — like how we’re expanding access to PD care.


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Our Essential Guide to Identifying Care Partner Needs

In our feature story, we explore the evolving needs of care partners as Parkinson’s progresses. Use this article as a guide to help you identify your top needs right now, and tips for helping you fulfill them.

Radhika and Dharma making coffee

A Couple’s Shared Passion for Parkinson’s Advocacy

Following a Parkinson’s diagnosis, navigating the “new normal” has become a matter of course for Radhika and Dharma. Married 36 years, they are as committed to each other as they are to advocating for the PD community and debunking disease-related myths.

In This Issue

How to Find Support for Care Partners

These six resources are designed to help PD care partners and their loved ones.

Explore the Parkinson’s-Friendly Adaptive Cottage

Take a tour of the new adaptive living home built to lower the risk of PD-related injuries and keep you aging in place.

Update From Our People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council Chair

Lisa Cone highlights National Family Caregivers Month and more!

DO’S and DON’TS of Caregiving from Afar

People who live far away can still help their loved one with Parkinson’s in meaningful ways. Check out the top do’s and don’ts of caregiving from afar — including ways you can help the primary caregiver.

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Dartmouth care team in hospital suits

Global Care Network Extends Access to PD Care

Find out which 10 centers have been newly designated as part of our Global Care Network. All centers in our network provide high-quality PD care.

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