Fitness Fridays

Welcome to our Fitness Friday program. As part of the PD Health @ Home program, these free videos focus each week on different aspects of fitness designed to support people living with Parkinson’s. 

Create your own tailored Fitness Friday experience with our NEW range of videos and Performance Pack workouts.

Joellyn Fox, DPT, leads us through a 12-minute video every Friday that highlights a unique fitness focus. Use these videos on their own or through one of our NEW Performance Packs.

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November 20 | Seated Cardio

Intensity: High

Performance Pack

Add some punch to your workouts this week with this FIRED UP Performance Pack:

Intensity: High

  • Fit time totaling: 40 minutes
  • This series starts with whole body strengthening with cues for large amplitude movement in all directions. This strength will carry you into a coordination series to improve the brain to body connection. Finally, your challenge is to add the cognitive element to your exercise by taking your strength , large amplitude movement and coordination and applying it to guided dance moves through the decades.

Looking for more? Try one of our other Performance Packs.
You can find all our Fitness Friday videos on YouTube.

We ask that you consult your care team about concerns and recommendations before trying new exercises. The Parkinson’s Foundation is in no way liable or responsible for injuries sustained from online classes.

Meet the Instructor

Joellyn FoxJoellyn Fox, DPT, is the Lead Therapist at the Dan Aaron Parkinson’s Rehab Center, Penn Therapy & Fitness at Pennsylvania Hospital. She has been a practicing as a Physical Therapist for 15 years and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 2005. Joellyn specializes in the treatment of those with Parkinson’s and is a member of the core faculty team running the Parkinson’s Foundation Allied Team Training for Parkinson’s programs.

For more insights on this topic, listen to our podcast episode “Benefits of Practicing Tai Chi Chuan Exercises”.

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