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Treating Sexual Dysfunction

There are many ways to address Parkinson’s-related sexual dysfunction.

There are many ways to address Parkinson’s-related sexual dysfunction.

Sex therapy, couples therapy and behavioral therapy tips:

  • Increase open sexual communication between sexual partners.
  • Plan the setting of sexual activity (including time, location, position and roles).
  • Practice comfortable positions.
  • Adapt new sexual roles according to the couple’s abilities.
  • Find new solutions for physical limitations (such as, touch, arousal, orgasm).
  • Perform intimacy training and erotic tasks.
  • Practice sensate focus A term usually associated with a set of specific sexual exercises for couples or for individuals. The term was introduced by Masters and Johnson, and was aimed at increasing personal and interpersonal awareness of the self and the other's needs. — a process of re-learning body sensations.
  • Practice growing intimacy and satisfaction through sexual stimulation without intercourse, then begin to add it back in, known as the intercourse-outercourse approachA sexual therapy approach that emphasizes the value of different kinds of intimacy, including both intercourse and outercourse, defined as any erotic activity that does not involve the insertion of a penis into a vagina or anus.
  • Work with medical staff to reduce the effects of medications on sexual function.


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