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Best Caregiver Resources

One way the Parkinson’s Foundation achieves our mission to make life better for all people affected by Parkinson’s disease (PD) – not just those with the diagnosis – is by providing free materials and programs to everyone in the Parkinson’s community.

To that end, we strive to support and empower PD caregivers with the tools, information and services you need to better care for both your loved one with Parkinson’s and yourself.

Consistency is helpful in managing daily life with PD, but challenge yourself to try something new! By incorporating self-care into your routine and using new resources, life might just get a little easier. Here is a list of our top caregiver resources:

1. Caring and Coping

This comprehensive guidebook was written for caregivers at every stage of PD. The workbook contains tips and tools to make the caregiving journey as productive as possible with the least amount of stress.

2. Parkinson’s Podcast

As a caregiver, it is important to stay up-to-date on Parkinson’s. Listen to our podcast, Substantial Matters: Life and Science of Parkinson’s Parkinson’s treatments, research and techniques to help you and your loved one live better every day. New episodes come out every other Tuesday, but you can listen any time online.

3. Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline

Our PD specialists can answer your questions, provide emotional support and refer you to health care professionals and community resources. Call 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or email

4. Expert Briefings

Find out what leading PD doctors and other experts have to say through our Expert Briefings webinar series.

5. Caregiver Section

From beginning your caregiver journey to caring for someone with advanced PD, our “For Caregivers” section is devoted to helping you navigate all stages of PD.

6. Caregiver Summit Videos

Last year we hosted our first-ever Caregiver Summit where caregivers came together to share experiences and strategies to address caregivers needs. Watch our videos from the event to learn about coping techniques, dealing with non-motor symptoms, maintaining dignity and identity in caregiving and hear from other caregivers. We’re sure you can relate!

7. Caregiver Forum

This online forum allows caregivers of people with PD to connect with one another and address their own questions and concerns. Have you ever wished you could connect with caregivers like you? This is the place!

8. Free PD Educational Guides

Parkinson’s knowledge is power! Visit our online store to order or download our free publications, worksheets and educational resources. Be sure to check out our newest PD guides on Cognition and Mood.

9. Support Group Guide

Still looking for a caregiver support group that works for you? Start your own with guidance from our support group manual, which includes sample meeting guides for caregiver-only groups.

10. Aware in Care Kit

Our Aware in Care Kit is designed to help people with Parkinson’s and caregivers get the best possible care while in the hospital or other facility, whether the visit is planned or unplanned. The free kit is also available in Spanish.

Want more caregiver resources? Visit our caregiver page for more information.

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