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Caregiving Tips

Support Group Guide

This guide takes you through the process of starting, facilitating and maintaining a Parkinson’s support group. Sample meeting guides are included for people with Parkinson’s as well as care partner-only groups.

Caregiver Corner: Having a Voice When Speaking with Your Loved One’s Physicians

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Jane H Davis

My Parkinson’s spouse has many physicians, as PD has taken its toll on so much of his body. I go to most his medical appointments as I am his constant observer, and I am the one fighting for his health. I have decided to write about having a voice when speaking with physicians as I find this extremely important, not only for me to be aware, but most importantly for him to get the best care as possible.

Caregiver Corner: Thoughts on Parkinson’s by Maggy Hurchalla

Monday, November 21, 2016
Maggy Hurchalla

My big sister, Janet Reno, died on November 7, 2016. She lived with Parkinson's disease for 21 ½ years. I have walked that road by her side, but we have not walked that road alone.

It takes a village.

Everyone’s Parkinson's journey is different. Since it is age related, most people die of something else. There is no point dwelling on the last chapter if you are not going to get there.

Caregiver Summit 2016: Embracing The Challenge: A Panel Discussion

While there are many common experiences, each person’s Parkinson’s caregiving journey is unique. Tony Borcich, LCSW, led a discussion among three caregivers with diverse outlooks on and approaches to caregiving, including both spouse and adult child perspectives. 

Julie Beck’s husband was diagnosed with young-onset PD in 2002. She still works full-time and takes care of their three kids. 

Rick Bentley’s father was diagnosed with PD in 2007 and passed away in 2016. During those years, Rick helped advocate for his father from afar. 

Caring and Coping

Caring and Coping is a comprehensive guide for caregivers of people with Parkinson’s at any stage. The workbook contains tips and tools to make the caring journey as productive as possible with the least amount of stress. The book focuses on your dual role as a caregiver: caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease, and taking care of yourself.

The book complements our dedication to caregivers of people with Parkinson’s.

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