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FDA Approves Northera

September 4, 2014

FDA Approves Northera


NPF Statement from Dr. Michael Okun, National Medical Director:

"We were pleased to see the announcement on the availability of Northera (Droxidopa) for low blood pressure and dizziness in Parkinson's disease.  In its approval, the FDA highlighted the fact that dizziness upon standing that can occur in people with Parkinson’s disease -- doctors call this neurogenic orthostatic hypotension — and is an unmet need and may contribute to falling and fractures.  For people experiencing these symptoms, studies have shown that Northera may provide relief.   If you, in consultation with your doctor, believe you may benefit from this drug, it will be available only through specialty pharmacies and your doctor will it have to complete a special form to prescribe it.  If you have had to reduce your activity level because of these symptoms, please work closely with your doctor to re-introduce activities and your doctor may wish to carefully monitor you for a while; even after you start to feel better.  As with any new therapy my greatest concern is preventing falls, fractures, and hospitalizations during the early optimization phases."

For more information, please call NPF's Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO.