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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

April 1, 2011

Celebrate Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. What better time to make things happen in a bigger way. So how can you get involved? Read, share your story or plan a fundraising event. In short, challenge yourself to spend some time each day raising awareness for Parkinson’s disease. To show you just how easy it can be, we’ve created a month’s worth of tips to get you started. Once you decide to take action, you’ll be surprised by the difference you can make. Why not start today?

1. Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper, sharing a story of how a treatment, program or event has impacted your life.

2. Visit our calendar of events.

3.  Share your personal Parkinson's story with a friend, neighbor or family member.

4.  Read the "What's Hot in PD?" blog.

5.  Start blogging.

6.  Spend time with someone who has Parkinson's disease.

7.  Read a news story about Parkinson's disease.

8.  Phone a friend or neighbor and share that news.

9.  Send a letter to your local TV or radio station in praise of a healthcare professional who made a significant difference in your life.

10.  "Like" the National Parkinson Foundation on Facebook.

11.  Follow the National Parkinson Foundation on Twitter.

12.  Talk to your local YWCA, community center or hospital about offering exercise or dance classes geared toward people with movement disorders.

13.  Locate your National Parkinson Foundation local chapter.

14.  Invite an expert to give a Parkinson's-related talk at an area library, community center or hospital.

15.  Volunteer for a local chapter event.

16.  Join us in New York City on April 16th for the Parkinson's Unity Walk!

17.  Plan an NPF Team Hope community awareness and fundraising event.

18.  Participate in a local fundraiser.

19.  Join a local support group or start your own.

20.  Attend a seminar or talk on Parkinson's disease.

21.  Ask a question on our online forum "Ask a Doctor."

22.  Create art. Find new ways to express your journey with Parkinson's disease; take a painting, writing or photography class.

23.  Read a personal story or share your own.

24.  Start a daily exercise routine.

25.  Tell someone with Parkinson's disease how exercise has helped control your symptoms.

26.  Download a publication on living with Parkinson's.

27.  Research local health centers offering rehabilitation services for people with Parkinson's.

28.  Share that information with anyone who could benefit.

29.  Ask for help when you need it.

30.  Call our national Helpline today: 1-800-4PD-INFO.