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Key Milestones

The National Parkinson Foundation has made great strides in Parkinson's care, research and community outreach; some of our key milestones include:


"Center" Care Model

If you receive Parkinson's care at an academic medical center, you're likely receiving comprehensive care formed by NPF's model. Today's best care is delivered in an expert care model that NPF created.
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Hospital Safety

NPF has led the field in researching the factors relating to hospital outcomes for people with Parkinson's, and designed the Aware in Care hospital kit in response to make hospital stays safer for people with Parkinson's.
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Parkinson's Outcomes Project

As the largest clinical study of Parkinson's ever, data from this study has produced results that have changed Parkinson's care, including the treatment of depression, the importance of exercise and in-depth studying of people who have lived well with Parkinson's for 20+ years.
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NPF has funded pioneering research into how different people experience cognitive impairment as part of Parkinson's and how differences in brain structures appear in people who experience it and people who don't.
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Expert Care

Our focus on expert care has shown that it can save the lives of 4,500 with Parkinson's every year – but if everyone with Parkinson's could get the benefits of extra care, another 7,000 lives could be saved.
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Community Leadership

Moving Day® Walk for Parkinson's

Through walks across the country, NPF engages and galvanizes communities to beat Parkinson's. Proceeds from Moving Day® are dedicated to local education, exercise classes and wellness programs, as well as national research initiatives.
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Community Collaborations

NPF provides the Davis Phinney Foundation will our Parkinson's Disease 101 curriculum for use at each of their summits.
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Dance for PD

The original Dance for PD program was developed at an NPF Chapter with NPF support.
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