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Our 8 Favorite Things You Helped Us Accomplish in 2016

January 2017

Together, you and NPF made 2016 a year of spectacular progress for everyone with Parkinson's and their families. Through your support, we provided better care, research, treatments and support to people living with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and caregivers.

Here are our 8 favorite things YOU helped us accomplish in 2016:

  1. Nearly 9,000 patients are enrolled in NPF’s Parkinson's Outcomes Project in Centers of Excellence across the country. This study continues to be the largest clinical study of Parkinson's in history. Parkinson’s experts from around the world use this data to better understand PD, while improving treatment and care.
  2. Focusing on the future of Parkinson’s as a stronger organization. In 2016, NPF merged with the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF) to form the Parkinson’s Foundation. Combining our resources means more research, better treatment and expanding local PD resources.
  3. The 2016 Moving Day® season raised $3.2 million for community programs and PD research. Because of supporters like you, who attended one of our 19 Moving Day® walks, we will be able to support more local PD-tailored exercise classes and support groups, while continuously supporting PD research.
  4. Our lifesaving 1-800-4PD-INFO Helpline answered 13,150 calls. Staffed by nurses and social workers, that’s 252 calls per week! We are here for you and the Parkinson's community. Call us for the most current medical information, referrals and unlimited emotional support—all free
  5. We hosted our first-ever Caregiver Summit. It was time caregivers had their own summit, with no topics off limits. The sold-out event, sponsored by Acadia, was packed with keynote speakers, panels and tips for caregivers. Couldn’t make it? Watch the videos here.
  6. NPF attended the 4th World Parkinson Congress and presented cutting-edge research findings. With more than 4,550 people in attendance, NPF co-hosted a booth with PDF. Together, we provided attendees with our amazing PD resources. We even had National Medical Director Dr. Michael S. Okun at our booth to sign copies of his popular book. NPF also presented four posters on dyskinesia, antipsychotic medications, injury and fall rates
  7. #Move4PD campaign promoted the power of exercise during Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month. In April, we highlighted the importance of exercise and its positive effects on the brain by asking the PD community to show us how you #Move4PD. Supporters ordered limited-release sweatbands online. More than 916,000 people saw the #Move4PD campaign and 600+ people submitted photos of themselves biking, dancing, boxing and even drumming to beat PD!
  8. Center of Excellence network expanded. In 2016, we formed a new partnership with the Fresco Institute Italia to improve the quality of Parkinson’s care in Italy. The NPF Center of Excellence network embodies the world’s leading Parkinson’s specialists focused on changing the course of Parkinson’s.  

As momentous as 2016 was, NPF is committed to taking progress to new heights in 2017 as a stronger, unified organization to make life better for people with Parkinson’s disease thanks to your ongoing support.