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Top 10 Accomplishments of 2015

A recap of 2015's most exciting breakthroughs for the Parkinson's community

Together, you and NPF made 2015 a year of spectacular progress for everyone with Parkinson’s and their families. We are pleased to share these highlights with you:


1. NPF invested $1 million in four clinical research projects. These investigations into gender differences, thinking ability and inflammation in Parkinson’s are leading to important discoveries that can make lives better.

2. NPF’s Parkinson’s Outcomes Project reached a milestone. The largest clinical study of Parkinson’s in the world expanded to include 8,000 patients, enlarging the data pool available to NPF researchers investigating life-changing treatments.

3. NPF received an award from the Movement Disorders Society. The award recognizes the groundbreaking finding from our Parkinson’s Outcomes Project that people with Parkinson’s who start exercising earlier enjoy significantly better lives.


4. NPF expanded our Center of Excellence Network. UC San Diego Health System was designated the 41st member of our NPF Center of Excellence network, NPF’s recognition for specialty clinics that meet our criteria for gold standard Parkinson’s treatment.

5. NPF investigated state-of-the-art telemedicine care. Our forward-looking Connect. Parkinson study reached full enrollment. The study compares the effectiveness of “virtual house calls” by a specialist to patients living outside urban centers versus care delivered in person.

6. NPF created two awards to nurture the next generation of innovative Parkinson’s scientists. Our NPF McCamish Fellowship Award encourages medical students to pursue careers as movement disorder specialists, those physicians with the greatest expertise in Parkinson’s. Our NPF McCamish Young Investigator Award enables promising young scientists to conduct outside-the-box research that could lead to breakthroughs in Parkinson’s treatment.


7. NPF funded $1.25 million in Parkinson’s programs through Moving Day®. Cities that host NPF’s Moving Day® Walk for Parkinson’s receive funds for much-needed Parkinson’s community programs and services. In 2015, an amazing total of 22 Moving Day® Walks were held and a record 80,000 people participated. Funds raised also support NPF’s cutting-edge research and nationwide support services.

8. NPF answered our Helpline’s 50,000th call. Our free 1-800-4PD-INFO Helpline is staffed by nurses and social workers who are experts in Parkinson’s disease. We are here for you and everyone in the Parkinson’s community, with up-to-the-minute medical information, referrals and unlimited emotional support.

9. NPF launched our new web site, It provides even more support for patients and caregivers. Added features include a comprehensive resource map; expanded blogs, including the latest updates in our Research Roundup blog; opportunities to share your Parkinson's story; and more ways to get involved.

10. NPF created The Edmond J. Safra National Parkinson’s Wellness Initiative. Boston, D.C., Chicago and Tampa are home to this new program that will help people with Parkinson’s stay active, connected and empowered.

As outstanding as 2015 was, NPF is committed to taking progress to new heights in 2016. Your loyal support will help make that goal a certainty.

Thank you.