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Shop to Beat PD with these 10 Parkinson’s-friendly gift ideas

Your online shopping can help beat Parkinson's!

While each person with Parkinson’s has individualized symptoms and a different rate of PD progression, NPF hopes that one gift on this list can bring happiness to a person you know with PD, and make life just a little bit easier for him or her. Each item on this list can be purchased by visiting a special website first, where you can shop at the below retailers and have up to 10% of your purchase go to NPF to help BEAT PARKINSON'S!

  1. Mighty Leaf Tea – Drinking caffeine in moderation can benefit the motor symptoms of PD. Shop for tea and drinking accessories and up to 10% of your purchase goes to NPF.
  2. Best Deal Magazines – Reading helps people with PD retain mental clarity. Choose from multiple magazines subscriptions and your gift will keep on giving, monthly. Up to 9% of your gift goes to NPF.
  3. Target – Give the gift of relaxation. A sound therapy system, aromatherapy product or back massager is great way to relax at home. Relaxation techniques help manage stress and improve sleep quality, while massage therapy has been shown to reduce insomnia and lessen anxiety. Up to 3% of your purchase goes to PD. 
  4. Reebok – People with PD who walk for exercise can see immediate benefits, such as increased walking speed and improved balance. Shop for walking or cross training shoes and up to 5% of your purchase goes to PD. 
  5. Amazon – People with PD often experience posture changes. Prevent stooping or leaning with one of the many posture corrective items on Amazon and 5% of your purchase goes to NPF.
  6. Sunfood – The Mediterranean diet has been shown to directly help people with PD. Gift a variety of healthy foods and 5% of your purchase goes to NPF.
  7. Kohl’s – PD is linked to an increased risk of developing melanoma. A stylish sun or sports hat can be worn to help protect people with PD in the summer and spring months. NPF will receive a 4% donation.
  8. Orbitz – Vacations are a big part of living well, just remember to plan ahead of time. Book a weekend getaway with Orbitz and 4% of your purchase goes to NPF. 
  9. Speedo – Aquatic therapy and workout classes can improve strength, balance and flexibility. Shop at Speedo and 3.5% of your gift goes to NPF.
  10. Michael’s – Creativity in everyday life provides mental stimulation. Adult coloring books are trending because they reduce anxiety and are a great creative outlet. Buy one and 3% of your gift is donated to NPF.