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10 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gifts that Will Make Dad Smile and Help Beat Parkinson’s!

Your online shopping can help beat Parkinson's!

NPF honors all Dad’s this Father’s Day, and it’s part of the reason we want to help you find the perfect gift. While each person with Parkinson’s has individualized symptoms and a different rate of PD progression, NPF hopes that at least one gift on this list can bring happiness to a person you know with PD. Each item on this list can be purchased through AmazonSmile or by visiting a special website , where you can shop at your favorite retailers and have up to 10% of your purchase go to NPF.

Choose the description that best fits Dad and help NPF BEAT PARKINSON’s this Father’s Day and year-round.

  1. The Golfer: All types of exercise are beneficial for people with PD. Shop at AmazonSmile or Callaway Golf and 3 % of your purchase goes to NPF.
  2. Water Enthusiast: The key to living well with Parkinson’s is to continue doing what you enjoy. If your dad enjoys fishing or boating, shop at West Marine, where 4% of your purchase is donated to NPF.
  3. The Reader: Reading helps people with PD retain mental clarity. Choose from multiple magazines subscriptions and your gift will keep on giving, monthly. Up to 9% of your gift goes to NPF when you shop at Best Deal Magazines.
  4. Self-Motivator: Weight-bearing exercises build strong muscles and bones, which can make completing daily tasks easier. Purchase a set of weights or a kettlebell for Dad’s at-home workouts at AmazonSmile and a portion of your purchase helps us fight PD.
  5. Science Buff: Help your Dad find a new hobby at the Discovery Channel Store. Gift a telescope, binoculars or science themed gifts and 2 % of your purchase goes to NPF or find them on AmazonSmile.
  6. Pro Sports Fan: PD is linked to an increased risk of developing melanoma. Buy him a new hat from his favorite sports team at the official team websites: MLB, NFL or NBA stores and up to 3.5 % of your purchase will be donated to NPF.
  7. TV Aficionado: People with PD often experience posture changes. Prevent stooping or leaning with one of the many posture corrective items on AmazonSmile.
  8. Troubled Sleeper: Relaxation techniques help manage stress and improve sleep quality, while massage therapy has been shown to reduce insomnia and anxiety. A sound therapy system or back massager is great way to relax at home. Find the one that best suits Dad at AmazonSmile and a portion of your gift goes to NPF.
  9. The Walker/Jogger/Runner: People with PD who walk for exercise can see immediate benefits, such as increased walking speed and improved balance. Shop for Reebok walking or cross training shoes and up to 5% of your purchase goes to PD or visit AmazonSmile.
  10. Adventurer: Vacations are a big part of living well, just remember to plan ahead of time. Book a weekend getaway with Orbitz or Travelocity and up to 4% of your purchase helps NPF fight Parkinson’s.