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Research Funding

Better treatment starts with better research

Better treatment starts with better research. Today, we know that some people with Parkinson’s are able to live well for decades with only minimal impact from their disease. Our research is focused on understanding how these people — and their doctors — are able to achieve these excellent results.  Our goal is to help others apply what we learn to their own unique condition.

NPF funds research through four main programs:

  • Centers of Excellence Network: Centers of Excellence are chosen from the top ranks of academic medical centers where dedication to exemplary patient care is combined with groundbreaking research. Through this program, we are raising the standard of care for everyone with Parkinson’s. NPF offers annual funding to each designated center.
  • Parkinson’s Outcomes Project: Our signature clinical study of how people with Parkinson’s thrive. This groundbreaking initiative is the largest-ever study of Parkinson’s disease. Our goal is to enroll 10,000 people at NPF Centers of Excellence.
  • Grants/Clinical Research Fund: Annual grant funding for individual investigators conducting cutting-edge research that cover a wide range of areas important to the study of Parkinson’s.
  • Fellowship Awards: Fellowship to train neurologists in the movement disorder specialty and an annual research grant to help talented young investigators accelerate their scientific careers.

Today, we are focused on the very next breakthrough in Parkinson’s disease — that is, ensuring everyone has access to the expert care that will enable them to achieve the best results now.  We’ve already shown that our model of Parkinson’s care — the highest standard of care — reduces complications and increase quality of life dramatically.

This research is leading to breakthroughs in care and treatment that brings hope to thousands of individuals and families. For example, we have already shown that:

  • Regular neurologist care could save the lives of thousands of people each year
  • Depression and anxiety are the number one factors impacting the overall health status of patients
  • Patients receive different medicines and treatment plans depending on where they receive care, with vastly different results

When you give to the National Parkinson Foundation, you’re also helping to push scientific discovery forward.