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Parkinson's Toolkit

Information and guidance for clinicians providing care to patients with Parkinson's

NPF now offers a website with information and guidance for clinicians providing evidence-based care to patients with Parkinson's disease (PD), and a reference for medications, symptoms and terms used in PD.  You can access the site from your computer or from your mobile device, and there are iPhone and Android apps to help you do it.  The toolkit isn't designed to replace the great scientific and clinical references out there, but rather to give quick answers to common questions and to help you better use other materials.  Also, most sections include educational materials for patients and family members, and this may be the fastest way to find those resources.

Special Features of the App:
• Planning the PD Encounter
• When to refer?
• Overview of the PD physical examination
• First-line medications and dosing

The content of the Parkinson's toolkit was developed by a steering committee composed of movement disorders neurologists, primary care physicians, and a patient.  While the project was partially supported by industry grants, all the guidance was created and reviewed by doctors and patients.

Visit the Parkinson's Toolkit website now.

Additional Info:
The management of Parkinson's disease can be complicated, including challenges at diagnosis, in choosing the right medications, and in managing patients through hospitalization.  However, in many circumstances, excellent care can be provided in a primary care or non-specialist setting, and the key is a properly structured encounter, periodically reviewing evolving best practices and recognizing when to refer your patient to a therapist or specialist.

A version of this app designed especially for Parkinson's patients and caregivers is also available.