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The National Parkinson Foundation’s grantmaking strategy focuses on supporting the world's top Parkinson’s disease experts working to discover the best treatment and care options for people living with Parkinson’s. Under the direction of our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board (CSAB), NPF funds forward-looking research so that scientists and researchers can make real progress in their field. In particular, we partner with our Centers of Excellence network, where we’re able to spur clinical studies of new therapeutic approaches as well as research comparing the effectiveness of existing treatment options. Through our grants program, our goal is to promote novel research that will have a practical and immediate impact on people’s lives.

Clinical Research Fund

We recently approved four exciting new grants. Click here to see the most recent grant accomplishments.

The National Parkinson Foundation awards grants through its peer-reviewed Clinical Research Fund program. All applications submitted for research funding undergo a rigorous evaluation process by our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board. The board is composed of members with expertise in both research methods and clinical care. 

The Clinical Research Fund is designed to support the best ideas of individual investigators who are on the frontier of Parkinson’s research. Our goal is to identify novel research projects that offer the greatest promise of better care and deeper understanding, and propel them forward. The Clinical Research Fund complements our Parkinson’s Outcomes Project and our Fellowship Awards program to strengthen the field of clinical research. The next grant cycle and “Request for Applications will be posted in 2016.

Centers of Excellence Annual Funding

NPF Centers of Excellence offer patients access to an array of services that are not covered by insurance. To help centers with these costs, NPF provides most of its centers annual funding to be applied to the delivery of care. The chart below displays the programmatic areas that NPF supports within our centers. The bar chart represents centers as a whole and the distribution of NPF dollars to the areas of direct care, outreach, research and education occurring within the centers.

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