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Mentoring and Networking Program

This program will help current and prospective center coordinators throughout the NPF Centers of Excellence network succeed.

The Mentoring and Networking Program will help current and prospective center coordinators throughout NPF Centers of Excellence (COE) network acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Center coordinators are pivotal members of the Parkinson’s care team, acting as liaisons between NPF, the COE team and patients, their families and caregivers. The relationship they forge with Parkinson’s team members, patients and NPF is key to the delivery of high-quality Parkinson’s care.

The mentoring program was developed through the hard work of members of the Committee Task Force, which is comprised of multidisciplinary members with vast experience in Parkinson’s care, and inspired by recommendations that came out of NPF’s annual Centers of Excellence Leadership Conference.

Mentors and mentees are carefully matched by the Task Force based on characteristics of the population served, clinical setting and areas of interest to insure that the learning experience is as focused and as broad as it needs to be.

The program aims to help the coordinators to connect with the larger Parkinson’s care community, get informed about current NPF resources available to patients, caregivers and professionals, and stay informed on the latest Parkinson’s research.

NPF seeks to help these health care professionals in the Parkinson’s community get the professional guidance and knowledge they need to grow and succeed in their field.

The NPF Mentoring and Networking Program launched at five Centers in 2015 and will be rolling out to all 41 Centers of Excellence in 2016.

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