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Jul 15, 2007
5:20 PM
Hi everyone I just had a quick question about tremors. I was wondering if most of you have problem with tremor all of the time of just some of the time. I seem to have problems mainly if I have really over exerted myself or as I am trying to fall asleep or just when I am coming to from a sleep. Does anyone else experience tremors like this? I would just like to hear other people's experiences. Also do your tremors come and go and do they get worse following certain events? Thanks for being here all of you and I am sorry that you have to be here at all. Cheers Vienna
9 posts
Jul 15, 2007
6:18 PM
Greetings....at this point, tremor a fairly constant companion on my left hand/arm. Began as a v-e-r-y minor pinky tremor, and over 2 + years deepened.

Stress (i.e, roadrage,arguements) and....sneezing, definitely aggravate tremor for me where the ossillation is fairly wide.

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Jul 16, 2007
8:12 AM
Hi - same here. Tremor started out in the fourth finger and spread. Worse when excited or agitated. Tremor when I awake. Not so much when I go to sleep. Definitely when relaxed (my poor massage therapist!)
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Jul 16, 2007
5:36 PM
'Actually meant 'YAWNING'not sneezing(!)- yawns now provoke a fairly strong tremor/shake from the left hand & arm. 'Probably the most visible manifestation of the condition.

Anybody else have this happen?

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Jul 17, 2007
5:18 AM
I heve tremor in my right hand. It does get worse with stress, very Hot or cold temperatures and after exercise.
When I go to hockey games I always bring a blanket to put over me so I don't have to explain the shaking. I suppose that's silly, but it's easier. Tremors come and go. It's seems like I can keep them under control by moving my hand a lot. Still, I sometimes tremble all over at certain times. It could be related to the time of day or meds wearing off?

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Jul 17, 2007
6:40 AM
One of my first symptoms was a tremor when yawning but now any little shot of adrenaline for any reason (happy, fear, anger, etc.) sets me off.
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Jul 17, 2007
6:44 PM
yuppers, I got those crummy tremors too. But, mine stay internal, and don't show to others, but I feel them just the same, and find them just as debilitating. Anyone else get them that way??
I normally get them when over-stressed, or take meds late and then eat protein.
Ladies , you may appreciate this, being 51, I am prone to hot flashes and the temors aggravate this, either the tremors are the cause or become the result of hot-flashes. Actually, I had a total hyesterctomy at 30 and have gotten hot flashes since, even when on HRT {hormone replacement therapy} funny, isn't it??? lol just adds "insult to injury" so - to -speak. Now this is a rip, when I am bothered with those tremors, along with them I get severe bradykinesia< then="" i="" can="" barely="" move,="" except,="" of="" course,="" tremor="" inside.,="" that="" really="">

be well all of you likewise afflicted pders!!

~~* gem *~~

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Jul 18, 2007
4:22 PM
Hi Gem,

Sorry, I do not have PD dx so I have been on this board a lot as I battle through this process.

I have had internal tremors for 17 months now. I've had a hard time getting any neuro doc to take me seriously as while I have slight problems with balance and reflexes, my other tests are all normal and these small abnormalities aren't that 'uncommon' for my age (36). But, like you, at times these tremors feel debilitating. The morning is bad when I first wake and have to scrape myself off the ceiling with the alarm clock startling me so bad- then it's off to the shaking races and I can't get out of bed until they calm down. Now, after all these months, I notice the tremors in my jaw, in my face sometimes, and mostly (where I believe my tremor originates from) in my left upper arm/shoulder area- when that left shoulder begins it's tremor I can see it if I'm holding a book, newspaper, etc.

I too, feel my bradykinesia also worsens when my tremors are worse. I've been experiencing bradykinesia since 2003.

Tomorrow I'm going in for a swallowing study as I am having big swallowing issues, which another neuro doc brought up at an appointment and I hadn't thought about it so I said no to him and he dismissed my problems as stress, but now- it's bad, swallowing pills is worst and I hate the scraping feel as it travels and/or gets stuck in the back of my throat and/or esophagus as it tries to complete it's journey.

I'm hoping to get back to another neurologist in the near future after the results of this swallowing study, Lyme Disease testing, B-12, Folic Acid, Thyroid, etc. I keep having my thyroid tested as I keep hoping it's my problem- my sister and grandmother have thyroid disease...but every test so far the doc says no, not my problem. I've mentioned PD to my primary and then he gets all dithered and immediately informs me 'that's not it' because I don't have the 'typical' tremor and then he gives me the classic-'you're too young' bit too. Well, at my last appointment I asked him to commit or I would find a new doc who would...he says he'll commit, and my swallowing issues he got very interested in. Maybe now my primary doc will finally see I'm not making this stuff up- we'll see.

Anyway- thanks for all the hot flash info- I'll know what to look forward to in a few years if I'm still suffering from tremor issues then too.

Take care- Connie

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Jul 18, 2007
4:36 PM
I am newly dx and have been having issues on and off for 2 1/2 years now. Lately I notice when I try to put my eyeliner on my right hand shakes, or when I am reading a book and holding something my hands slightly shake. If I am startled then my arms really shakey. I also have a constant issue with what I have termed "bobbing" my head bobbs sightly. Sometimes it bobs to where others can see it and other times it is slight that I can feel it; however, it is not that noticable.
107 posts
Jul 18, 2007
7:09 PM
Sorry Vienna, I meant to put your name in the post and with my memory issues accidentally kept Gem in there from reading her post being last.

I also have to agree with the others, excitement, varying temps hot and cold, also add to any tremors I've got going- and yes mine come and go too.

10 posts
Jul 19, 2007
11:06 AM
Hi everyone, thanks for all of your replies. I was just curious about tremors because some people seem to have a big problem with them while others it is just a minor issue. For right now it is pretty minor for me. Mainly while I am trying to fall asleep at night. Take care everyone and thanks for all the great feed back. Cheers Vienna
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Sep 14, 2008
6:31 PM
I have had tremors in left leg and arm and hand for two
years. Tremors are worse when yawning or sneezing. My
left hand swells and gets red or bluish at times. My
left foot same. Veins in left side of body protrude. I
elevate left hand often and rest alot now. Very little
energy to work. I have seen a neurologist and dx as atypical parkinsons, but doctor was not certain. I also
have trouble walking. Has anyone had similar symptoms?
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Sep 15, 2008
4:43 AM
The tremor is the only thing that is really bothering me at this point.

The neurologist keeps saying he can make it go away and it never goes away.

Because I'm healthy in other ways, I feel a little sheepish about complaining.

It gets much worse with stress and is hardly there when I'm under little stress. Anything from arguing with my teenaged son to having trouble working out a problem for Physics class will set it off.

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Sep 24, 2008
12:38 PM
Hi everyone, my name is christina and I feel both internal tremors and external tremors. I find both debilitating. I find that these tremors get worse with stress. I am very glad for meds, they allow me to be able to eat. Before meds I was shaking so bad the food would fall off my silverware before it ever made it to my mouth.
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Nov 09, 2009
12:29 PM
hi, just googled on tremors worse after exercise, found this great site, yes, my tremor is worse after exercise and during stress. now having issues with buttoning, typing, shaking hands holding coffee cup in the morning. requip really helps, surprisingly quickly. don't have official dx, of course, but dad's immediate family has 3 cases, pretty sure i am the fourth. 48 yrs old, perimenopausal, don't know what's hitting me some days
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Nov 09, 2009
8:04 PM
Hey everyone. I have tremors in my right hand that are noticable only when I attempt to perform an action - and yawn. I have never thought of this before, but only my right hand and arm shake when I yawn. Another piece to the puzzle =). With the action tremor, it can get worse when I'm fatigued, but it seems to come and go without cause mostly. My right hand is also swollen and noticably darker red than my left almost constantly (from non-use?). I've learned to do a lot of things as a lefty and that has helped. I'm also very fortunate that I am one that has only had one side effected thus far (fingers crossed).

If it helps at all, it was my fifth neuro - after fighting for 2.5 years - that gave me my dx of PD.

Take care all and fight on =)

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Mar 07, 2010
9:51 AM
I am sitting here reading everyone's post. I have not been diagnosed with PD. I just googles tremors getting worse after exercise and found this page.
I am 30 years old and have had tremors for 3 years and they seem to getting worse. They started in my left hand and then went up my arm and ultimately throughout the left side of my body.
I take Klonopin for the tremors and now I have been placed back on Neurontin because of the tremors. My neurologist says it is sleep related. I have Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, which I take Requip for. My Tremors are definitely getting worse after I exercise, over stressed, ect... I haven't found all the triggers.
I have a 3 yr old and an 18 mo old. And the other day my fibromyalgia doctor asked me to hold out my hands... my left arm was showing extreme tremors but now he says it's in my right arm too.

Seeing these posts helps me know I am not alone, but knowing that you all have PD isn't comforting either. What do you guys do to get your tremors under control???? The Klonopin knocks me out and I really don't like the drugged feeling I get in the morning.

Any advice would be a great help.


10 posts
Mar 07, 2010
1:04 PM
Hi Vienna just wanted to chip in here, I have not had a confirmed dx by a uk doc yet but an american professor looked at my case and is almost certain it's PD and so does my GP.

I have the internal tremors all the time especially in the morning had these for about 3 years now, i also have tremor in right hand my dominant side which started with my pinky moving and sticking then MAY 09 really noticed tremor after putting a flat pack piece of furniture together, mine gets worse after exhertion and is now travelling up my forearm into my upperarm and shoulder. My teeth have started to chatter when i am going to sleep occasionally and then i dawned on me it was probably a tremor

i also noticed last week that it was slightly visible in my right foot but yeah have the internal trembles all the time and deep muscle twitches on both sides of my body now, does anyone else get these?

My tremors come and go but getting harder to hide it now... think i'll resort to walkign around topless to take the focus off the tremor that should cause quite a commotion (ha ha)

Good luck everyone
Alison (merry old England)

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Mar 07, 2010
10:31 PM
Hi Heather and Allison, welcome to this club but I rather wish it was a Jam of the Month club instead. I have a tremor in my right hand and leg. Any emotional stress really increases the tremor. Also this winter I noticed that when I get cold (I live in Ontario) I shiver like crazy. Keep up the exercise Heather. It makes a world of difference for most Parkys.

Heather, you are not dx with PD. I hope that you get to leave the club. good luck to both of you Ladies! john 8)

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Mar 07, 2010
10:34 PM

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