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NPF ResourceIndicates National Parkinson Foundation Resource

Lucky Man: A Memoir
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This memoir of Michael J. Fox chronicles his life before and after his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. A person with PD may find the humor, honesty and perspective contained in this book inspiring and...

Dr.Weil's Recommendations for Healthy Aging
Book - Advanced PD
Dr. Weil has raised dispensing health advice to an art form. Instead of making his audience feel inadequate or guilty about bad habits, he seems to subconsciously convince readers to do better merely...

Parkinson's Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life
Book - Living with Parkinson's
Based on Dr. Okun's experience as a Movement Disorders Specialist, the book addresses issues surrounding Parkinson’s disease and the secrets that have changed people’s lives.

The Dizzy Disease: When Your World Starts to Spin
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This book offers a personal account of life with Olivopontocerebellar Ataxia-Parkinsonism. The writer describes his experiences before and after the diagnosis of this rare disease and how he uses his...

When Parkinson’s Strikes Early: Voices, Choices, Resources, and Treatment
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This book addresses the personal and social impact of PD diagnosis on those in the midst of active lives and careers. Through personal stories, quotes, poems and political activism, the authors offer...

Sensible Self-Help for Parkinson's Problems
Book - Living with Parkinson's
BY AN AUTHOR WHO HIMSELF SUFFERS WITH PARKINSON'S, this book stands alone in its genre, being the ONLY ENCOURAGING BOOK for people suffering with Parkinson's Disease, as well as other MOVEMENT DISORDERS...

Voices from the Parking Lot: Parkinson’s Insights and Perspectives
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This book offers a collection of creative and inspiring poems, narratives and artwork by people living with PD.

And Thou Shalt Honor: The Caregiver's Companion
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This book addresses various care giving needs commonly faced by care partners, family and friends. Topics include advice on accessing public and private care giving resources, navigating legal and financial...

300 Tips for Making Life with Parkinson's Disease Easier
Book - PD 101 - Living with Parkinson's
This book offers practical ideas on managing PD through the use of assistive technologies, helpful aids and community resources. The subjects covered include everything from home modification tips to...

The Comfort of Home, Parkinson’s Disease Edition: The Complete Guide for Caregivers, Second Edition
Book - Living with Parkinson's
This book offers a comprehensive and unique guide on caring for the person with Parkinson’s disease. Suggestions and tips are outlined to adapt care giving strategies to specific Parkinson’s stages and...

Your search produced approximately 122 results (displaying 1-10)