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NPF ResourceIndicates National Parkinson Foundation Resource

Parkinson's Leaflet for Teenagers
Web Site - Living with Parkinson's
A booklet to help 11 to 17 years old understand Parkinson's

RxList Drugs A-Z List
Web Site - Medicine
This online Resource lists all FDA-approved drugs and includes a detailed description of each drug, it's interactions and side effects

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Web Site - PD 101 - Living with Parkinson's
This organization offers seniors a safe driving self- assessment tool which can be ordered or downloaded for free from the website. Information on safe driving tips, supplemental transportation options...

American Parkinson Disease Association
Web Site - PD 101

American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
Web Site - Advanced PD - PD 101
This organization offers a directory of nonprofit groups that provide healthcare, housing and services to the elderly including nursing care, home and community-based services and adult day services.

Web Site - PD 101
Wireless emergency alert system that allows seniors, disabled persons, or recovering patients to instantly contact an emergency response operator.

Web Site - PD 101
This organization provides objectives comparisons for assistive technology/ rehabilitation equipment available from domestic and international sources. The website also offers information on a variety...
Web Site - Living with Parkinson's; Speech and Swallowing

Tips for starting a Parkinson's Disease Support Group
Web Site - PD 101 - Living with Parkinson's
This fact sheet offers suggestions for starting a PD support Group.

ICYou Health Videos
Web Site - PD 101
This website offers video clips from healthcare professionals on various diseases or topics. It also allows patients to post and share their own videos. To view videos about PD, type Parkinson's disease...

Your search produced approximately 263 results (displaying 1-10)