PD Screening Instruments & Scales

Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scales

Several rating scales have been developed to measure the impact of PD on a patient and family. These scales are used in research to determine eligibility to participate in a research trial or to assess severity and disease progression. Scales may also be used in clinical practice to identify and monitor problems or gauge clinical function and degree of progression.

MDVU (Movement Disorder Virtual University) brought to you by WE MOVE, offers online PDF rating scales and scoring sheets as well as CME courses.

PD Evaluation Scales:

Quality of Life Assessment in PD:

  • PDQ39: Disease-specific measure of subjective health status that is completed by patients.

Cognitive Assessment in PD:

Sleep Assessment in PD:

  • Epworth Sleep Scale: Validated self-report measure of daytime sleepiness covering any designated time period. Link to Document
  • PD Sleep Scale (PDSS): Uses a visual analogue score for each of 15 features commonly associated with sleep disturbance in PD.

Mood and Behavior:


  • Patient Diaries: Developed as a tool to measure a person’s motor state when the person is at home or is not being observed by a health care provider. Completed by patient or by caregiver.

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