2010 Centers Leadership Conference Presentations

2010 Centers Leadership Conference Presentations

To foster a stimulating exchange of ideas, and to keep each other up-to-date on the latest research findings and projects ongoing at Centers of Excellence, physicians and center leaders displayed scientific posters at the December 2010 Center Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas. In this interactive forum, a worthy project or a good idea in one center can lead to further development and related projects around the country, and the world.

Download PDF versions of the posters here:

Are Results from PD Trials Generalizable? The NPF Database Reveals a Mismatch Between Typical Clinic Populations and Subjects in PD Trials
P.N. Scmidt, M.S. Okun, A. Siderowf, J.G. Nutt, G.T. O'Connor, B.R. Bloem, E.M. Olmstead, M. Guttman, T. Simuni, E. Cheng, S. Parashos, L. Marsh, I.A. Malaty, N. Giladi, S. Wu, J. Oberdorf
National Parkinson Foundation, University of Florida, Gainesville, University of Pennsylvania, Oregon Health & Science University, Dartmouth Medical School, Radboud University, University of Toronto, Northwestern University, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, Struthers Parkinson's Center, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Comprehensive Care Through Collaboration
Diane Breslow MSW LCSW, Tanya Simuni MD, Santiago Toledo MD & Emily Borushko MPH
Northwestern University Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Partnering With a Community-Based Agency to Develop a Parkinson's Wellness Program
Gladys Gonzalez-Ramos PhD, Alessandro Di Rocco MD, Amy C. Lemen LMSW, Elaine V. Cohen PhD, Roger Rossi DO & Ruth A. Hagestuen RN MA
New York University Parkinson & Movement Disorder Center & New York Silver School of Social Work

Group Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) for Depression in Parkinson's Disease
Julie H Carter ANP, Kristy Hanna PsyD & Jason Malcom MSW
Parkinson Center of Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University

Therapists Educated & Aligned in Managing Parkinson's Disease
Lisa Mann RN, Julie Carter ANP, Jason Malcom MSW, Aimee Mooney SLP, Jenny Wilhelm PT & Amy Fielder OT
Parkinson Center of Oregon, Oregon Health & Science University

Telephone Based Nursing Management of Movement Disorders Patients — Maximizing Health Utility
Linda Hall RN BScN, Angie South Msc & Mandar Jog MD
University of Western Ontario

Navigation in a Virtual Reality Environment in Parkinson's Disease
Angela South Msc, Garrett Kapp, Vedran Vujcic, Hrishikesh Kumar, Rachna Jog, Michael Katchabaw & Mandar Jog MD FRCPC
University of Western Ontario, Movement Disorders Clinic London Health Sciences Centre, Central High School

Clinic-Based Videotaped Assessment of Turning Strategies Used by Patients with Parkinson's Disease
A. Salmon, H. Kumar, A.South & MS Jog
University of Western Ontario

Measuring Quality of Life in Patients with Parkinson's Disease Using the McGill Questionnaire
TE Gofton, H. Kumar, A. South, M. Speechley & MS Jog
University of Western Ontario

Measuring Existential, Psychological and Physical Contributors to Quality of Life in Parkinson's Disease Using the McGill Quality of Life Tool
TE Gofton, A. South, H. Kumar & MS Jog
University of Western Ontario

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