Professional Resources

If you are an allied health professional who provides care to people with Parkinson's disease, these resources will help you:

  • Learn the best techniques in Parkinson's disease care through NPF's Allied Team Training for Parkinson.
  • Connect with the larger Parkinson's disease community at conferences.
  • Print Diagnostic and Referral Guides to share with your allied health team.
  • Keep informed of the latest PD research at NPF's Centers of Excellence.
  • Gain access to a comprehensive listing of screening instruments.


Get the complete list of Parkinson's disease and related disorders conferences and annual meetings for 2013.

View the 2013 conferences.

Scientific Presentations

Each year, doctors and leaders from NPF's Centers of Excellence present their scientific presentations at the annual Center Leadership Conference.

View the latest posters.


Diagnostic Information & Guidelines

Click on the following links to download a PDF copy.

1. “Practical Guide to Diagnosing Parkinson’s Disease for Practitioners” Produced by National Parkinson Foundation and National AHEC Organization. Please call 1-800-473-4636 to request a printed pocket version of this card.)

2. “PD-Appropriate Allied Health Referrals by Specialty” (Produced by Oregon Health and Science University—Parkinson Center)

3. “Allied Health Team Summary” (Produced by Oregon Health and Science University—Parkinson Center)

4. Guidelines for Occupational Therapy in Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation (Produced by Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre's Department of Neurology, ParkinsonNet)

Screening Instruments

Several rating scales have been developed to measure the impact of PD on a patient and family. These scales are used in research to determine eligibility to participate in a research trial or to assess severity and disease progression. Scales may also be used in clinical practice to identify and monitor problems or gauge clinical function and degree of progression.

View the list of PD scales.