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Help me hit Parkinson

Gordon Beckham

My name is Gordon Beckham, and I play second base for the Chicago White Sox.

I launched Out of the Park for Parkinson's a couple of years ago to help beat Parkinson's. This disease affects me and my family personally. My granddaddy was diagnosed with Parkinson's nearly a decade ago.

The diagnosis hit hard, because my granddaddy has always been a big influence in my life. He even gave me my first baseball when I was a kid. He was always such an intelligent, energetic man. It's tough for me to see how complications from the disease keep him from talking and getting around like he used to.

My granddaddy's struggle with Parkinson's has given me an up-close look at the suffering it causes. And I'm determined to help beat this disease.

Since we started Out of the Park for Parkinson's in 2010, I'm proud to say that friends and local partners have helped me raise $120,000 by donating to support the National Parkinson Foundation.

I want to keep raising awareness and funds to help beat this disease so future generations do not have to go through what our family and countless others have been through with Parkinson's.

My grandfather has always made my life better. Now I want to honor him by hitting Parkinson's out of the park.

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