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Farewell to My Father, Retired Lt. Colonel Edward E. Roy

Farewell to My Father, Retired Lt. Colonel Edward E. Roy

Frances C. Roy on behalf of her father Edward E. Roy
Orlando, FL

My Dad is beautiful, strong, and a merciful generous man.  

He has been my hero and shown all of us (8) children and extended families tremendous LOVE & PEACE!

The following is a POEM my Father wrote on April 5, 1985 in Puerto Rico:


“Ode To Beautiful Sons And Daughters”

Good Friday!  Thanks to our Partner
You Were Born Our Sons And Daughters!
A Special Day!  A Special Saving Day For
Us As You All Are Special to Me!
Reflections of Time Make Us Whole,
As Hope For The Future Leads Us All On.
Thoughts of You Sons And Daughters So Lively and Young,
Surely Give Joy to My Life Today.
Silence is Necessary Through Life,
So That Solitude Can Do Its Work in Us,
The Worker Has Such Gentle Ways With Us,
Yet Crisis and Concerns Are Times To Grow!
Growth Has Come to You,
As the Crafts Left Behind Speak To Us,
He Has Given Us Beautiful Sons And Daughters!
Reflections Can Be Seen All Over the House!
Moments To Us So Precious As Your Pictures,
Objects of Clay, and Childhood Drawings
Yet, These Only Speak of Yesterdays.
You Dear Friends Are What is Important Today!
Today’s Memories, The Calls and Sweet Letters,
Yes, These Are Too Precious Loving Sweet Moments.
Growth?  Yes, Growth Comes Silently Each Day.
Yes, At Times Crashing Into Us With Its Love.
Yes, Growth, However It Comes Asks For Us.
This Beautiful Growth Softens Our Hearts,
Your Heart Deep Concern and Given Respect.
Two Elements Necessary, You Have, Sweet People!

Good Friday!  Yes, A Sweet Remembrance Left.
All Such Moments To Remember Contain Him.
Like You All, The Good News is His Spirit Lives!
Lives in You and Me!
Your Loveliness is – His Way to Speak to Us.
And the Word of Love Has Been Spoken in You All.
Your Past Life Has Been Like His.
Growth and Resurrection Can Only Follow a Friday!
Your LIFE Now Reflects His Resurrection.
A New Vibrant Life Full of Spiritual Hope.
Live it!  Embrace it!  Welcome it!
The Unfolding of Newness Will Embrace You All.
The Beauty of Love is What You Give!
Continue to Hang-On to That Which is Best.
You Have Fixed Your Loving Mark on the Crowd!
One of Many, like the Sea Shells,
And Seen as Special Are You All to Us!
What Can I Say?  I Love You Like Jesus!
You Know This Already!
I Could Close This Moment So Precious,
I Must Repeat My Heart’s Message:  I Love You!

My Dad was a great Person of respect, a Poet, a Husband, a Brother, a Son, an Uncle, a Grandfather. A Beautiful Human Being whom I Love In A Special And Deep Way Forever!

Mi Papa y mi mama ayudaron y les quieren mucha gente en sus vidas mientras ellos estaban casados cincuenta-cinco anos como santos.

Mis padres supieron el AMOR y el PAZ de jesuscristo muy bien.

My Father and my Mother helped and loved many people in their lives while they were married 55 year like saints.

My Parents knew the LOVE and the PEACE of Jesus Christ very well.

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