Parkinson's Today, February 2011
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Should You Get a Brain Scan to Confirm Diagnosis of PD?

Brain Scan

NPF's National Medical Director, Dr. Michael Okun, blogs
about the recently FDA-approved brain scan for Parkinson's
in this month's "What's Hot in PD?" Dr. Okun explains the
pros and cons of brain imaging to confirm a diagnosis
of Parkinson's.


Ready to Be Inspired? Watch Kay's
Amazing Story!

Kay Mixson Jenkins

This new video, "I Just Wanna Dance" chronicle the Parkinson's journey of Kay Mixson Jenkins and her deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS) at the University of Florida, NPF Center of Excellence. Learn how DBS improved her life and allowed her to dance with her husband again.

Join Us at the 2011 Parkinson's Unity Walk!
Parkinson's Unity Walk

NPF will be at the 17th annual Parkinson's Unity Walk in Central Park on April 16, 2011. Come visit our booth for free giveways and educational materials. Join the fun in New York City!

Give Who is Your Parkinson's Hero?

Nathan Slewett

A Parkinson's hero is someone who gives back to the Parkinson's disease community. Nathan Slewett, former NPF chairman emeritus, is our Parkinson's hero! His life-long dedication to fighting Parkinson's lives on. We invite you to tell us about your Parkinson's hero and read about others on the NPF Facebook page.