Call Our HELPLINE: 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636)


Staffed by nurses, social workers and therapists, the Helpline is here to support you in any possible way, including providing referrals to Parkinson's specialists, sending Aware in Care hospital kits to people with Parkinson's and much more.

Past callers' feedback about the Helpline include:

"Your service is excellent. First time I have used it, but I will be back." - Judi

"Thank you so, so much. You’ve been wonderful. No one has been able to help me. Thank you. Thank you for your help." - Anita

"After several phone calls with the Helpline, with their guidance and involvement, I was able to basically enable my father to get the care that he should receive. It’s nice to have a compass like the National Parkinson Foundation that can help lead you through the waters." - Gary, 50,000th Helpline Caller

"A friend of mine told me about the hospital [Aware in Care] kits. This thing is incredible. I’m calling to say thank you so much. I don’t live where my mother does and the two times she’s been in the hospital, it’s been the biggest nightmare in the world. This way I’ll just say “mom do you have that bag with you?” It was a huge gift. It deserves thanks. I wish everyone would call and thank you when they got it." - Karen

"I just called to thank you for the wonderful hospitalization [Aware in Care] kit that you sent me. The kit was wonderful during my husband’s hospitalization and then in the rehab center. It really helped me and helped the nurses who were taking care of him and the doctors. After the kit arrived, I was able to provide them with all the information that you sent. There was no more arguments and he had very good care. We thank all you people that are so dedicated. What would we do without you?" - Ms. Gomez

"Since I’ve had Parkinson’s disease I’ve sent away for the Aware in Care kit. This is the first time I’m actually using it. I’m running low on this pad that says hello my name is ___ and I have Parkinson’s disease. I’ve been giving this slip from this pad to all my nurses, healthcare providers, and also the doctors that are treating me. It’s come in very handy. My doctor was going to order demerol and I said to him maybe you should look that up because I don’t think it’s compatible for a person who has Parkinson’s disease. I’d like to have more of these slips. I want to be a Parkinson’s advocate." - Dorothy

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